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  1. I don’t care what happens to me after I am dead
    You will not care, but your family will have to. You’ll be making your family’s job much harder than it has to be. When a person dies without pre-arrangement, someone who may not be aware of your wishes will decide where you’ll be buried. And when there’s a death in the family, decisions tend to be coloured by grief, not by reason. There are some questions only you can answer. Would you choose a memorial park or a traditional cemetery? Cremation, above ground entombment or ground interment? Other questions should be family decisions. Should you purchase a family plot? Do you want to be buried near past generations of the family? When a person dies without pre-arrangement, he / she leaves a burden for his / her family. So even if you don’t care what happens to you, you should make a decision now, for your family.

  2. I don’t want to think about it
    Of course you don’t! No one wants to think about his/her death. But have you ever purchased accident insurance for your car? Fire insurance for your house? You certainly don’t expect such tragedies to occur, yet you thought about the consequences and prepared accordingly. Making funeral and cemetery arrangements is one more provision you can make for when your family must go on without you.

  3. My insurance will take care of everything
    No it won’t. No insurance policy tells your family what kind of service to have, where to buy cemetery property, how much to pay. Insurance only provides money - financial security for your heirs. Your family will be faced with decisions you could have made with them. If you use reason #3 as an excuse, your family may make an emotionally laden decision that won’t be in their best interests, and you insurance benefits may not go toward the purposes you intended – a child’s education, a widow’s security.

  4. I can't afford it now
    Funeral services arrangements and cemetery property purchased at need – when a death occurs – must be paid in full before the interment. That may or may not have been factored into a family’s budget. When you make these arrangements before there is a need, you may choose from a variety of payment plans that meet your budget. Also, when you buy today, you pay today’s prices. Cemetery property, like everything else, is affected by inflation, rising labour and maintenance costs, and the marketplace. They are going up all the time. You family will pay more later, and they’ll pay it all at once. You can afford to make a pre-need purchase, and we’ll help you choose a payment plan that's right for you.

  5. My brother/uncle/friend/lawyer will take care of everything when the time comes
    How fortunate you are to have close friends and family who will help your spouse make decisions when you are no longer there. And there will be many decisions to make, many reasons for your spouse to call on the expert advice of loving friends. But you and your spouse can make this decision together, with none of the pressures that occur when there is a death in the family. Get the facts, learn the alternatives, educate yourself, be in charge.

  6. I want to be cremated
    Probably, there’s a note in your will that states your desire to be cremated. The trouble is that wills aren’t generally read until long after the funeral takes place. Then its too late for your wishes to be carried out. And even so, what happens after the cremation?  Are the cremated remains to be scattered? If so, where and by who? Are there laws restricting this? Or, are the cremated remains to be placed in an urn? You can guarantee that your wishes will be carried out by making pre-need arrangements. By purchasing an urn columbarium niche, or space in an urn garden, you’ve told your family that you want to be cremated. And you’ve told them what you want done after the cremation; you’re the decision maker when you make your arrangements ahead of time.

  7. My parents have property
    Perhaps your parents purchased family burial spaces when you were a child. Maybe your father even told you there was room for you in the family plot. But chances are you don’t own the deed to the property. It's possible that others in the family will use it before your family needs it. You should find out now if there will be room for you and your spouse. Make sure you or your souse won't have to make an expensive time-of-death purchase of cemetery property because you thought there was room in your parent's plot. For more information, see Plot Ownership Transfers.

  9. I am not from this area
    We live in a mobile society. The area in which you grew up may no longer be your home. It may be years between your visits to your childhood home. Does it really make sense for you to return there for burial? And think of the added expense of making funeral arrangements here and transporting a body to another part of the country. Even if you are not from this area, it may make sense for you to make pre-need burial arrangements in the area in which you now live than in the area in which you once lived.

  10. A salesman will come to my house
    Not really. The only salespeople we employ are those who wait for you to call us after there’s been a death in the family, when its not a question of if you want to buy, but how much you need to spend. We do have family memorial counsellors who will be glad to give you information you need, information that will help you make a purchase that’s right for you and your family – at the right time for you. And once again, you’re in charge. You set the appointment.

  11. I don’t know where to begin, or who to call. 
    Call 780-442-0974 to speak with a City cemetery staff member.


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