Safe, adequate housing is a basic human need. Housing provides safety, stability and the opportunity to build a life. But today in Edmonton, there is a shortage of housing that meets the needs of all residents. 

  • Nearly 50,000 Edmonton households spend more than they can afford on rent 

  • 2000 Edmontonians are experiencing homelessness, including more than 200 children 

  • On any given night, 500 Edmontonians sleep outside 

Increasing the supply of affordable and supportive housing will help: 

  • Support families and individuals experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness

  • Bring safety and stability to individuals and communities in every area of the city 

  • Ensure the health and safety of all Edmontonians by allowing everyone to follow public health guidelines 

The City’s Role 

The City of Edmonton has a long history of supporting affordable housing. The City does not directly build, operate or maintain affordable housing, but works closely with non-profit housing providers. Through its current programs, the City:

  • Offers land or grants for the construction of affordable and supportive housing, in partnership with the federal and provincial governments, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and non-profit housing providers  

  • Advocates for funding from other orders of government 

  • Raises public awareness of the need for more affordable and supportive housing 

  • Develops policies to guide the development of affordable and supportive housing 

  • Provides residential tenants with advice and information to address tenancy issues and ensure they are aware of their rights and obligations 

Affordable Housing Investment Plan 

The City’s current housing work is guided by the Affordable Housing Investment Plan, which aims to help build 2500 units of affordable housing and 600 units of supportive housing by 2022.

The plan prioritizes investments in: 

  • Supportive housing

  • Surplus school site redevelopment

  • Secondary suites grants

  • Affordable housing grants

  • Social housing renewal

  • Developer-sponsored affordable housing 

The Affordable Housing Investment Plan also supports the City’s long-term goal of building affordable housing in every neighbourhood in Edmonton.



The Affordable Housing Investment Program is launched to help build 2,500 units of affordable housing over four years.


The 10-year Affordable Housing Strategy is created to support the development of affordable housing across the city. The 10-year strategy was informed by the input of more than 500 Edmontonians. 


The Cornerstones program helps build 3500 affordable housing units.


The Edmonton Task Force on Affordable Housing is created to study the need for affordable housing


The City of Edmonton Non-Profit Housing Corporation (homeEd) is created to provide affordable rental units, including accessible units 


The City develops more than 1,000 units of family housing through the Edmonton Community Housing Organization (now managed by Civida


The City helps establish the Greater Edmonton Foundation to provide affordable housing for seniors.