Did you receive a letter indicating you would be transitioning from the communal waste rate to the curbside rate? Learn more about this rate change below.

Why is my rate changing?

Previously, your property was receiving curbside collection but was classified as a communal property, and therefore paying a lower rate. The utility rate applicable to your property has been reclassified in alignment with the Waste Bylaw (18590), and over the next 5 years, your rate will transition from the communal rate to the curbside rate.

What to expect

Each January for 5 years, you will see an annual increase of about $3.75 per month, adjusted for inflation. 

  • If you saw your first rate increase in 2020, you will reach the correct rate in January 2024
  • If you saw your first rate increase in 2021, you will reach the correct rate in January 2025

Why was I paying the wrong rate?

Under the previous Waste Bylaw, rates were classified by structure type: either single-unit or multi-unit (apartments or condos). City Council approved the new Waste Bylaw in 2019, which classifies rates by service type: either curbside/alley collection (that is, carts and blue bags) or communal collection (large bins shared by all residents of an apartment or condo complex). 

During preparation  for the Edmonton Cart Rollout, some residences were found to be paying the communal rate while receiving curbside service. This rate adjustment will bring all residents’ rates in line with their service type. 

Customers will immediately transition to the residential curbside collection rate if the account holder changes or moves to a new property.

Can I request a different size garbage cart and still pay the transitional rate?

No. An amendment to the Waste Bylaw approved in December 2021 states that “An owner who changes the type of collection service on their account in relation to a residential premises, including any change to the size of cart at that property after January 1, 2022, will no longer be eligible” for the transitional rate.

For example, if you began the transition in 2020 and are now paying $37.30 per month and request a smaller garbage cart, you will skip the rate transition period, and your rate will immediately be adjusted to the small garbage cart rate ($43.32).  

Is this rate adjustment being used to cover the cost of the Edmonton Cart Rollout?

No. This adjustment is to ensure all residents who receive curbside collection are receiving the service they are paying for. 

Waste Services is committed to low, stable rate increases. The cost of implementing the 25-year Waste Strategy, including the Cart Rollout, will be managed within these allocated rates.