Buy & Sell Used Goods

Selling household items you no longer want is a great way to make some money. Buying used can save you money and give you a chance to find unique treasures. There are many different ways you can buy and sell your stuff including:

  • Shop or Host a Garage Sale (don't forget to get a Garage Sale Permit). Try organizing a community wide garage sale and get the whole neighbourhood involved!
  • Consignment and second hand stores, thrift shops, flea markets and auctions also offer great shopping and selling opportunities.
  • Classified Ads are another option for buying or selling. See related links for list of local newspapers and online services where you can place classified ads.

Getting Creative

Finding new uses for items can be both satisfying and penny-wise. When you begin to look at everyday items in new ways endless possibilities come to light. Things that you used to think of as garbage suddenly become interesting and valuable items. Want to make new things out of old ones? Check out the workshops often offered by the following:

Repairing items

Past generations used to repair items when they broke or wore out. Today most people simply replace older items. Learn techniques to repair, refurbish and restore items in your home by taking a course or workshop. The following often offer related workshops:


Instead of buying stuff you only use occasionally you could rent that same item for a fraction of the price. This is an easy way to practice reuse, save money and reduce clutter. There are many different types of things you could consider renting including: home and garden tools, party supplies, camping equipment, audio visual equipment, and much more.

Borrowing and Sharing

We all know that learning to share is one of the important lessons of growing up. But it also makes sense as adults to share things with our friends, family and neighbours. Sharing and borrowing infrequently used items can save money, reduce storage requirements and create goodwill.

Don't forget about all the great reading and audio visual material you can borrow from Edmonton's Public Libraries