Women in Reuse Centre surrounded by reusable items.

Reuse means to use something again and again rather than only once. The goal of reuse is to keep using items as long as they have a function or value.

The Reuse Centre collects everyday items five days a week, year-round, and makes them available to groups and individuals who will reuse them.

Benefits of Reuse

  • By reusing an item instead of throwing it out we save landfill space
  • Reuse saves resources and energy from being used to make new products
  • Reuse supports local charities and economy which keeps resources in our community
  • Reused items are more affordable and often unique

More Reuse Ideas

Waste Reduction Tips

Did you know?

City Staff will do a presentation on waste services in your classroom. This is free for all Edmonton schools. Find out more about education programs and other Waste Management Services Presentations and Tours.

Reuse Fairs have been bringing together communities and charities to collect and distribute needed items for local programs since 1992.