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The City of Edmonton recycles concrete and asphalt from private renovation, construction and demolition projects. This economical source of aggregate is used to build and maintain the City's roadways. Recycled aggregate products are also available for sale to private contractors and the general public. 

Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Recycled concrete aggregate is made up of concrete from sidewalks, pavement, curbing and building slabs that have been crushed and screened into 63mm or 25mm sizes. The screening process removes any leftover steel pieces such as rebar.


The typical composition of our recycled concrete aggregate is:

  • 65% concrete
  • 25% asphalt
  • 10% other materials (soil cement, brick, granular and other recyclable material)

Recycled concrete aggregate can be used as:

  • A residential base when installing a new driveway, walkway or patio
  • A commercial or municipal base for parking lots, roads or pipe laying
  • Riprap revetments to control streambank erosion
  • Filler for stacked cages to create privacy and retaining walls

Cost Effective
Recycled concrete aggregate is less expensive than natural material.

Environmentally Friendly
Recycling concrete requires less energy and resources than extracting and crushing natural material, reducing the impact on the natural environment. Recycling material also prevents it from being sent to landfill.

It can be used for a variety of applications including commercial construction and home improvement projects. 

It is as safe and durable as natural material. 

  Material Size Specifications Fee Per Tonne

25mm Recycled Aggregate 25mm
(1 inch)

63mm Recycled Aggregate 63mm
(2.5 inches)



Asphalt millings are fine particles (up to approximately 25mm) that are produced by grinding down asphaltic concrete road material. It is usually obtained when road surfaces are removed for resurfacing. Millings typically contain 5-7% bitumen. 


Recycled asphalt millings are used primarily in construction and paving as high-quality base layers for projects such as:

  • Primary and secondary roads
  • Paths, driveways, parking lots and other surfaces

Cost Effective
It is cheaper to produce than new asphalt, as fewer raw resources are required.

Environmentally Friendly
It uses less energy and resources than producing new materials. Recycling these materials also prevents them from being sent to landfill. 

It stands up to the elements, such as snow and water, with impressive strength.

Bonding Ability
It bonds better than other loose-fill materials because it contains the original bitumen.  

Dust Abatement
The bitumen in asphalt millings helps encapsulate the fine particles in gravel roads and surfaces. This reduces the amount of dust that can escape into the air.

It has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  Material Size Specifications Fee Per Tonne
Millings (asphalt grindings) 25mm
(1 inch)


Other Aggregate Products

Other recycled aggregate products are also available for purchase including stone mastic asphalt (SMA) aggregate, rip rap (limestone), ballast and raw rubble. 


Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) aggregate is a dense-wearing, course material typically used in heavy traffic roads or for landscaping applications. It is available in fine, chip and course varieties.

Rip rap (limestone) is a high density rock used in shoreline structures to prevent erosion, or for landscaping. 

Dolostone ballast is typically used to form the bed of a railway track. It can also be used for landscaping. 

Aggregate residual fines are generated from crushing operations of recycled concrete. The composition is primarily gravel and sand, but may also contain silt and clay.

We also carry mixed raw rubble fragments of stone, brick and concrete from building demolitions.

  Material Size Specifications Fee Per Tonne
SMA Fine Aggregate*

(3/32 inches)

SMA Chip Aggregate* 6.3mm
(1/4 inch)
SMA Coarse Aggregate* 12.5mm
(1/2 inch)
Rip Rap (limestone)*

Class 2 (As per City of Edmonton Construction Specs - Section 02374)

Nominal mass: 200kg

Nominal diameter: 500mm (19.5 inches)

Ballast - Dolostone*   $80
Aggregate Residual Fines <12.5mm (<1/2 inch) $3
Raw Rubble   $6

*While quantities last

For More Information

Please contact the Waste Services Customer Support Centre for more information, or to place an order.




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