If you live in a multi-unit complex (that is, a condo or apartment) and presently set out your waste in bags at the curb or back alley (hand waste collection), changes are coming to the way you sort and set out your waste. If you currently put your waste in a communal bin, this change will not impact you.

On September 10, 2019, City Council approved the 25-year Waste Strategy, which includes transitioning from hand collection to automated collection.

City Council also approved changes to the Waste Services Bylaw (18590), including customer reclassification. The updated Bylaw ensures that all residences pay a rate that matches the waste service they receive. The services include:  

  1. Residential Curbside Collection: Customers whose waste is collected in bags or carts at the curb, in the alley
  2. Residential Communal Collection: Customers who use a shared collection area (typically condominiums or apartments)

Visit edmonton.ca/futureofwaste for more information.

What does this mean?

The City is evaluating all multi-family sites that are currently receiving hand waste collection to determine whether properties should transition to the Residential Curbside Collection or Residential Communal Collection. Each site has undergone or will undergo a vigorous evaluation to reach the most appropriate waste management solution. Current hand collection will no longer be an option. Thus, each property will transition to either carts or communal bins. If your waste is currently collected in a bin, your service will not change at this time.

Moving to Carts
  • Cart distribution will begin in 2021 and will be phased in across the city. For more information, visit edmonton.ca/futureofwaste.
  • An initial rate increase of approximately $3.38/month, adjusted for inflation, will occur in the spring of 2021
  • Transition to the full Residential Curbside Collection rate over five years (adjusted for inflation)
Moving to Bins
  • Waste and recycle bin distribution begins in summer and fall of 2020, concluding in 2021
  • A City employee will contact each site decision-maker to arrange a delivery date
  • No monthly waste rate increase (inflation rate increases apply)