What will we see on our tour?

The tour typically visits 3 facilities on our site:

  1. The Materials Recovery Facility, which processes recyclables collected in Edmonton’s recycling programs
  2. The Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility (IPTF), which prepares waste for composting, conversion to biofuels or transfer to landfill
  3. Quantum Lifecycle, which processes and recycles e-waste, including electronics dropped off at Eco Stations by Edmontonians
How do I get to the EWMC?

The EWMC is located just off Anthony Henday Drive at 250 Aurum Road NE. See our locations map.


Where should I go when I arrive?

Please check-in at the Administration and Training Facility (site 100), where your guide will meet you.

How large is the EWMC?
The Centre is 233 hectares in size which is equivalent to more than five West Edmonton Malls.
I’ve booked at tour for a private group. Why do I need to bring a bus?

A bus is required to transport you around the Centre during your tour. The Centre’s bus is limited to 15 passengers. Groups larger than this must supply their own bus.

Can I bring my 5-year-old?

No. The Edmonton Waste Management Centre is an industrial waste site and not appropriate for young children.  Information is presented at a level suitable for older children (9+ yrs) and adults.

Why are reservations required for individuals and small groups?

A bus is used to transport you around the Centre during your tour. Reservations ensure everyone has a seat. We are not able to accommodate individuals that don’t pre-register.