Food Scraps Carts and Yard Waste

The City of Edmonton aims to divert 90% of residential waste from landfill. In order to help meet that goal, changes have been made to our current organics processing programs. 

Having residents keep their food scraps and yard waste separate from their general garbage is a proven best practice that enables us to reduce the overall amount of waste sent to landfill. It is also more efficient to process waste that has already been sorted at home, which reduces processing costs and helps maintain a stable utility rate. 

Food scraps and yard waste collected from residents are sent to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC). This material is then either processed on-site at the EWMC or by one of our contracted regional partners. Combined, we have capacity to process and divert all the organic material that residents place in the food scraps cart, all the yard waste collected through the yard waste collection program, and some of the organic material commingled in the multi-unit garbage stream, which is not source-separated at this time.