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Use the form below to request cart maintenance and exchanges. Services available through this form include:

  • Cart repair
  • Reporting a missing or stolen cart
  • Garbage cart size exchange requests for the small (120L) and large (240L) sizes only. Cart size exchange is available only to the EPCOR account holder, due to the impacts on the monthly utility rate beginning in October 2021.

Services not available through this form:

Service and Cost Information

Ensure you review and understand the service information and associated costs before submitting your cart maintenance or exchange request.

Cart Repair

Request repairs for your damaged cart. This includes missing or broken wheels, cracks or deformations in the body of the cart, and missing or damaged lid* or hinges. We will do our best to have your cart repair or replacement completed within 5 business days after you submit your request. 

*If the lid of your cart is warped when delivered but is otherwise okay, don’t worry. This is common when carts are stacked for shipping, storage and distribution. The lid will correct itself over time. No action is required on your part and your cart will still be collected.


Cart repairs are free of charge when resulting from normal wear and tear, or an incident outside of the resident’s control. An above average number of maintenance requests may result in an investigation to determine whether a resident will be billed for service. 

Submit your request

Report Your Missing Cart

Report your cart as lost or stolen. We will reunite you with your missing cart if possible, or provide a new one. We will do our best to have your cart repair or replacement completed within 5 business days after you submit your request. 

Note: Found carts cannot be reported through this form. Please contact 311 if you find a cart that does not belong to you.


This service is free of charge if the incident is found to be out of the resident’s control. An above average number of requests may result in an investigation to determine whether a resident will be billed for service. 

Report your missing cart

Garbage Cart Size Exchange

Request a garbage cart size exchange between the small (120L) or the large (240L) garbage cart, or request to downsize your garbage cart size from an excess (360L) size

Garbage cart size exchanges may take up to one month during the Edmonton Cart Rollout depending on the volume of requests. Beginning in Spring 2022 we expect this turnaround to be reduced to five business days. 

  • You can submit an exchange request after receiving your first set of carts.
  • You must have your EPCOR utility account information to submit a cart size exchange request. Beginning in October 2021, variable utility rates will be applied based on cart size. If you do not manage your own utility account, you may need your landlord or property manager to submit this request on your behalf.
  • If you share a water meter, only the party or residents who pay for the monthly waste service fee can submit a request. When submitting a request, please use the address where the water meter is located or the property management office, and enter the service address or unit number in the comments field of the form. 
  • All garbage carts for all units sharing the same water meter will be of the same size (this is a technical requirement of the billing system until further notice).
  • Participants in the Secondary Suite Cart Sharing program are not able to apply for the small cart.
  • Upsizing to an Excess (360L) garbage cart is not available through this form. Requests can be submitted through the excess garbage cart application form beginning April 13, 2021. Downsizing from an excess (360L) garbage cart to a small (120L) or large (240L) request can be submitted. 
  • Size exchange requests are only available for garbage carts. There is only one size of food scraps cart available. 


Your first exchange is free. After that, an administration fee of $18.50 will be applied per exchange. 

Reducing waste and sorting your food scraps, recyclables and garbage can save  you money. Beginning in October 2021, your monthly waste utility rate will change based on your cart size. The rate for residents with the small (120L) cart will be $43.32 per month, and the large (240L) cart will be $48.32 per month. Visit for utility rate information.

 Cart Maintenance and Exchange Request Form

Preparing for your Maintenance Service

Before your cart maintenance service visit:

  • Ensure your cart is easily visible and accessible to the maintenance team, not in your garage or in a fenced-in yard. 
  • Ensure your cart is safe to work on. Leaving some material in the cart during your maintenance is okay. Our crew will relocate material to the new cart if needed, but our crews cannot perform maintenance service if the cart is too heavy or if it contains needles, live or dead rodents or other materials which would make it unsafe.

Failure to comply with the above may prevent us from completing the work. If we are unable to complete the work, a notice will be left with further instructions. We will either come back for a second attempt or you may need to reschedule the work. A one-time administration fee of $18.50 may be applied to your next utility bill for missed service. 

When filling out your maintenance request, we highly recommend that you provide a contact number or email in order to receive a notification 2 business days before your service visit.

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