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Apartment and condominium residents can have recycling collection brought right to their door! With a convenient Blue Bin recycling dumpster it is easier than ever for multi-family residents to recycle.

How Does it Work?

There is no extra charge for the program. Interested property managers or condo boards can call the Waste Management Services Customer Support Centre at 780-496-5698 to arrange for the service. When the logistical details are worked out, such as where to put the bin, the blue bin will be placed on site and everyone can start recycling. As buildings sign on, the City will deliver information and promotional materials to residents. Property managers will also receive instructional posters for common areas.

Is Sorting Required?

Edmonton's recycling system is very user-friendly. No sorting is required by residents. That is done at the City's Materials Recovery Facility.

Who is Eligible for Blue Bin Recycling?

All apartments, condos and townhouses that are not part of the Blue Bag program.

What Can I Recycle in My Building's Blue Bin?