The Community Investment Travel Grant is not being offered in 2021 and no applications for this grant will be considered.

Sports Travel Grants assist Edmontonians with the cost of travel to championships at a Western Canadian, National, or International level. (As per City Policy C211H)

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Grant Information



You or your team must:
  • Live within the City of Edmonton boundaries
  • Be of amateur status
  • Be sponsored by or affiliated with a registered not for profit sport organization
  • Have qualified through competition to attend the event
  • Be selected by a sport governing body to represent Alberta at a western Canadian, national, or international championships, when there is no provincial qualifying competition
  • Be invited to try out for a national team or to an event leading to competition at international level
  • Apply within 90 days after the event. Application received before the event will not be considered
The event must:
  • Be hosted by a registered not for profit sport organization
  • Declare a champion at a western Canadian, national, or international level


  • Athletes who receive Federal Carding assistance
  • Athletes receiving 100% travel subsidy through the Provincial or National Sport governing body
  • Athletes or events that represent or are affiliated with educational institutions or corporations
  • Invitational events
Applicant may receive 25% of the eligible costs up to the following maximums:
Western Canada

Team - $2,200
Individual - $220


Team - $3,650
Individual - $365


Team - $4,375
Individual - $450

  • The individual, team/group is eligible for 1 travel grant from the City of Edmonton per calendar year.
  • A team/group with up to 10 participants may include transportation costs of one guardian/official and more than ten may include transportation costs of 2 guardians/officials.
  • 25% of car or bus rental from airport to event location may be considered if the event is located outside the city.
  • 25% of oversize baggage can be claimed only if equipment is required for participation in the event.
  • Travel by personal vehicle is compensated at a rate of $.50/km. Kilometres are calculated from city centre to city centre for each vehicle with a minimum of 3 participants per vehicle if travelling as a team. Verify the kilometres using the Alberta Motor Association or Travel Alberta online mileage calculators.
  • Grant awards of under $100 will not be considered.
  • Grants are awarded subject to the availability of funds.
Ineligible Expenses for this Grant:
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meals
  • Travel expenses purchased on Air Miles or other travel reward Programs
  • Transportation from airport to city and/or within city where event is being held
Required Documents
Please include the following documents to your application:
  • Receipt or proof of payment for travel costs

  • Proof of attendance

  • A list of names and addresses of participants and officials/guardians travelling from Edmonton (team applications only)
  • Verification of travel distance from Alberta Motor Association or Travel Alberta (only applicable if applying for mileage)

Note: Documents should be in PDF format–any spreadsheets should be attached as Excel files.