The Small Sparks Fund provides residents, businesses owners and operators, non-profit organizations with up to $350 in funding from Neighbourhood Revitalization. The funding is available for projects which advance the goals of the Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategy in your area. Projects can include block parties, community arts, neighbourhood social programs or recreation programs. Applicants can apply for only one City of Edmonton grant for a particular project or initiative.

Funds are available for the following neighbourhoods:

  • Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park Revitalization 
  • McCauley Revitalization
  • Alberta Avenue Initiative
  • Balwin and Belvedere Revitalization
  • Inglewood Revitalization

Neighbourhood Revitalization Small Sparks Funds for the following areas are temporarily unavailable.  If you are interested in receiving additional information regarding the current status of these projects, please email:

  • Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy

Alberta Avenue Initiative

Apply for this Small Sparks Fund 2021 Neighbourhood Grant.

Small Sparks Fund

Apply for this Neighbourhood grant in the areas of Balwin/Belvedere, Central McDougall & Queen Mary Park, Inglewood, & McCauley.