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Last updated: June 26, 2020

Does your organization support local businesses and our local economy? You may be eligible for one of the Business Association grants. These grants are for business associations, organizations and groups and are intended to support local economic development and help businesses recover from COVID-19. Matching grants can be used to support short term needs related to recovery as well as longer term initiatives related to diversification of the local economy.

Funding under the Business Association stream is staged and aligned to Phase 1 (short term recovery needs) and Phase 2 (longer term recovery initiatives) and will be managed to ensure funding is available over the course of the grant. The intake for phase 1 of the grants begins Monday, June 15, 2020 at 9am. Applications are reviewed as they are received, every two weeks. Funding is being managed to ensure that funds are available in Phase 2. 

How to Apply

  1. Read the grant information below
  2. Check to see if you’re eligible
  3. Determine what you need funding for and if it fits the application criteria
  4. Decide if you need funding now (in Phase 1) or later (in Phase 2)
  5. Make sure you are able to cover the matching funding required
  6. Prepare your application and all necessary documentation
  7. Apply by filling out the PDF and emailing it to

Application Form


Apply by filling out the Application Form PDF and email it to

Grant Information

About the Grant
  • Phase 1 funding will provide up to $75,000 in matching grants to support the immediate needs and recovery efforts for Edmonton’s businesses (Beginning June 15, 2020).
  • Phase 2 funding will provide up to $75,000 matching grants for longer term recovery initiatives (Beginning January 2, 2021).
  • Organizations may submit projects that include both short term recovery and longer term economic development and diversification elements.
  • This is a 50/50 matching grant. Applicants must match the funding amount requested. For example, if $10,000 is requested, the total spent on the project must be at least $20,000. The matching portion of the costs can include up to 25% in kind contributions. Organizations are requested to provide a calculation of ‘in-kind’ based on reasonable assumptions. 
  • Grants are available to business associations that can demonstrate they meet one or more core criteria (with preference to meeting multiple criteria), and also are able to support more than one local business. Applicants interested in supporting just one business should apply under the individual business grant stream.
  • Successful applicants will be required to sign an Agreement with the City that outlines the scope of the project, obligations of both parties, grant amount, and project timelines.
  • Individual organizations can only receive funding once, unless they are partnered with another organization. Partnered organizations can only receive funding once. 
  • Grant funds can only be used for the purpose outlined in the grant application.
  • Projects or programs must be completed within 1 year of the project start date.
  • Applicants will be required to submit a final report within 90 days of completing the project or program (the City will provide the template to successful applicants). The final report must evaluate the success and reach of the project or program, and include a cost summary and receipts/invoices to demonstrate fund matching.
  • The City may change or clarify the grant criteria at any time to be responsive to the needs of businesses. Updated and accurate information will always be found on this webpage.
  • There is a limited number of grants available, depending on the amount of requests and the total value of available funding. 

You must be a business association or any member of a partnership that includes a business association, organization, or group located in Edmonton and is a legal entity. At least one member of the partnership is required to have a mandate related to economic development. 

Preparing Your Application

Please download the application and fill it out. You can email your completed application to any time on/after June 15, 2020.

Feasibility criteria

  • Applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of completing the project or program.
  • Applicants must outline how they will complete the project within 1 year from the project start date.
  • Applicants must outline how funding will be leveraged from other sources to match or exceed the grant amount requested.

Reach criteria

  • Applicants must outline how their project or program will provide benefit to more than one business. Specifying the number of businesses who will benefit would be helpful.  
  • Applicants must outline reach and provide appropriate justification.

Once an application is submitted, it cannot be changed.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or kept on file.


We will be evaluating each new application every two weeks. Applications will be evaluated against the core criteria, the ‘reach’ of the program, and its feasibility. 

Successful applications are not required to meet all criteria, but should give consideration to meeting one or more. 

Edmonton Economic Recovery Grant - Business Association Steam Core Criteria 


Will the funds support a project or program that will help businesses return employees to return to work or create new positions? 

Financial Sustainability

Will the funds support a project or program that will help keep businesses open? 

COVID-19 Impact

Will the funds support a project or program that is intended to help businesses counter the impacts of COVID-19 during the relaunch and recover stages?

Partner Leverage

Will the funds support a project or program that could unlock funding from other partner organizations to amplify impact?       

Economic Diversification

Will the funds support a project or program that supports businesses as they diversify?

Business Transformation

Will the funds support a project or program aimed at helping businesses respond to a changing market? 

Tangible Placemaking Benefits

Will the funds be used to support a project or program that will boost mainstreet vibrancy?

Environment Alignment

Will the funds be used to support businesses as they increase their climate resilience and a low carbon future? 

Community Impact

Will the funds be used to support projects or programs that benefit members of marginalized groups or those disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, such as women, newcomers, people of colour, or people with disabilities?

Funding decisions made by the City are final and cannot be appealed.
The City reserves the right to audit applications and projects that receive funding. You may need to provide additional information to verify the funding was used for the intended purpose outlined in your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of eligible organizations and programs?

Examples include business improvement areas, women entrepreneurship programs, newcomer organizations. Funding is meant to go towards programs or activities that support the local economy.

This can include examples like:

  • Shop local campaigns
  • Community-focused marketing campaigns
  • Beautification initiatives
  • Workshops for business owners who are pivoting their business models in response to COVID-19
What are eligible costs?

Eligible costs include the funding spent to organize and deliver the proposed project or program. Examples could include costs associated with coaching or training, materials, events, mentorship and networking, tools to support the project or program, and Administrative costs up to 20% of the total financial support awarded. 
Ineligible costs include lobbying, fundraising, advocacy, travel or accommodation costs, hospitality or entertainment costs, contests or prizes, legal or accounting or other professional fees, insurance payments, membership fees, sponsorships, debt reduction, and other similar fees. 

The full list of eligible/ineligible costs can be found in Section 5.4 of the Procedures.
Please contact us at if you would like further clarification based on your project proposal.  

Can my association apply for the grant more than once?

Individual organizations can only receive funding once, unless they are partnered with another organization. If an individual organization were to partner with another organization on a different, second project that is led by that different organization, then the second project or program may be eligible for funding through the Organization stream. If approved, funding would be granted to the project “lead”.

What is an in kind contribution?

In kind contributions are goods, services or time donated to the program or project in lieu of a financial contribution. 
Examples could include a print shop donating print marketing materials, a local business donating a meeting room and equipment, staff time, or volunteer help. Work that would otherwise be done by an individual to support the program or project is not considered an in kind contribution.

"In-kind labour should be calculated based on the following:

  • Professional/Technical - $30/hour
  • General Volunteer labour - $20/hour"

Applicants are required to submit a reasonable budget indicating the breakdown for the in-kind contribution.

How long will it take to receive funding?

We will do our best to review the applications within 2 weeks of receiving them. If successful, we will work with applicants to enter into an Agreement as quickly as possible. We aim to mail cheques to applicants within a week of signing an Agreement.

How will I receive the funding?

We will be sending out cheques to successful applicants in the mail.

Do costs incurred before receiving a grant count as eligible costs?

Only costs incurred after receiving the grant count as an eligible matching cost.

For More Information

311 Contact Centre


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

TTY 780-944-5555

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