Murals are an effective way to deter graffiti vandalism alongside creating a sense of belonging, animation and character in neighbourhoods. Artist murals contrast the concrete and asphalt while eliminating blank walls that often encourage unwanted behaviours.

Capital City Cleanup has partnered with nonprofits and community leagues providing grant funding for over 50 murals to be installed throughout our City. This year, we continue these efforts by offering a Community Mural Grant for up to a maximum of $8,000. This funding can be used for consultations, artist services, paint supplies, anti-graffiti coating or other needs associated with the creation and installation of a mural(s). Hosting costs such as providing food and drinks or renting spaces will not be covered this year as in previous years.

Please be aware that our Community Mural Grant has undergone some changes. Please read all related documents so you are most successful in your application.