The Community Facility Partner Capital Grant will not be offered in 2021 and no applications for it will be considered. Please check back for further updates to this grant in the future.

Program Direction for 2020

  • Priority be given to projects addressing legislative requirements, or accessibility, health and safety improvements, as well as projects that are shovel ready and have all funding in place once a CFPCG grant is provided
  • Priority for planning projects focused on rehabilitation of existing facilities 
  • Projects to be considered for CFPCG funding in 2020 should have a total eligible project cost under $500,000

Program Purpose

The Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program (CFPCG) supports partnerships that enhance public use facilities so Edmontonians can thrive in an active and attractive city. Facilities must align with the City of Edmonton’s goals and objectives.

Partnerships may involve third party organizations including community non-profit organizations, other public sector service providers, and the private sector.

Preference will be given to projects within Edmonton municipal boundaries. Regional projects may be considered based on benefit to Edmontonians.

Funding will be allocated to organizations with a primary mandate in one of the following key sectors:

  • Arts and heritage

  • Indigenous/Aboriginal
  • Multicultural
  • Recreation/amateur sport
  • Social services

Funding will support the following types of capital projects:

  • Project planning (for existing or new facility)
  • Life cycle replacement/rehabilitation (for Renewal of existing facility)
  • Enhance (expansion/redevelopment) (for Growth within existing facility)
  • Build new (construction of a new facility) (for Growth through new facility)

Growth refers to investments in new assets and projects that add to or enhance components of existing infrastructure assets that improve the type of service provided and/or improves functionality; and Renewal refers to investments in existing infrastructure to restore it to its former condition and extend its service life. However, the replacement value of renewed infrastructure remains unchanged and the size of the infrastructure asset portfolio does not increase as a result of investments in renewal.

Program Grants and Funding

Project Planning Grant

The Project Planning Grant will support work to the end of concept phase and no further at up to 50% of eligible costs.

For projects on City land only, if Post-concept phase drawings or other documents are required to obtain City approval to proceed after Concept Phase, these may be included as part of a planning grant request but will only be funded at 33% of the eligible cost. You must provide proof that the post-concept phase documents have been required for these costs to be included as part of a planning grant request.

Construction Grant

The Construction Grant will fund work from the design phase (including schematic design) up to the end of the build phase at up to 33% of eligible costs. Land purchases made during the eligible time frame may also be funded at up to 33% of the purchase price.

See Community Group Led Construction Projects Guide and Templates for detailed information about phases, definitions, and expectations.

Funding Considerations

  • Funding for your facility may be awarded over several years for different components or phases but preference is given to phasing or components resulting in an useable facility

  • Other than planning grants, funding will only be approved for work resulting in an useable facility

  • You may apply for further funding before the planning is complete, but project readiness is considered during the evaluation

  • Applicants may not use other City of Edmonton funding sources as part of their contributing funds for the submitted project

  • The grant will not be increased to cover any additional costs–these costs are the responsibility of your organization
  • If the project costs are less than anticipated, the grant would be recalculated so it does not exceed the eligible maximum amount
  • The City of Edmonton encourages businesses, institutions, organizations, and community groups to incorporate accessibility and universal design in the policies, goods, programs services, communications, technology, and infrastructure including those receiving program and operational funding from the City of Edmonton
  • Community led major renovations and new construction supported with City of Edmonton funding will meet the Access Design Guide. “Major Renovation” is defined as any renovation that exceeds 50% of the existing gross area to a City owned or City funded facility or open space

The City of Edmonton Access Design Guide is to be applied in conjunction with the Barrier-Free Design Guide for the planning, designing, building and maintaining of infrastructure owned, occupied, or funded by the City of Edmonton.

  • The Access Design Guide shall be used in conjunction with the Barrier-Free Design Guide for: 
    • Large new construction projects completed by Community groups with funding from the City of Edmonton as outlined by the grant parameters and defined in the funding agreements
  • The Barrier-Free Design Guide applies to: 
    • Large redevelopment projects completed by Community groups with funding from the City of Edmonton as outlined by the grant parameters and defined in the funding agreements.

See Community Group Led Construction Projects Guide and Templates for detailed information about phases, definitions and expectations.

Application Deadline

Complete and submit the online application with all required documents attached by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.

Application and Eligibility Process

Application Process

Application Process

  • A separate submission is required for each project 
  • More than 1 project may be submitted the same year
  • Only submit projects that are anticipated to be completed within 2-5 years
  • All submissions are to be submitted to the City of Edmonton Grants Office online, on or before the application deadline
  • After assessment, the final grant award decisions will be made by City Council
  • Applicants will be notified of what funding is being recommended prior to the report going to City Council and will receive a formal notification once the funding has been approved

Anticipated Timeline for 2020:

  • April through July: evaluation and approval by Edmonton City Council
  • Late July through August: notification of approved funding
  • Late July: signing of funding agreements
  • Starting in August: verification of contributing funds and disbursement of grant 
Eligibility and Evaluation

Eligibility and Evaluation 

  • The Applicant must be an organization registered for more than 1 year
  • Eligible applicants may be community not-for-profit organizations, public service providers, or organizations from the private sector, but must operate in at least one of the key sectors
  • At least 75% of the applicant’s membership and the beneficiaries of its programs and services must be residents of the city of Edmonton
  • Eligible CFPCG construction or entire project submissions must be estimated to cost a minimum of $200,000.
    • CFPCG Project planning projects have no minimum cost but are generally expected to cost at least $50,000.
  • Eligible costs include expenditures paid in the past year with invoices dated no older than March 1 of the year prior to applying for the current year’s program 
  • Evaluation will include the extent to which projects address accessibility
  • The grant applied for shall not be used for a purpose beyond the organizational objectives of the applicant
  • The Applicant and the project must advance  goals and outcomes from the following City document:
  • As relevant, an applicant should show the project’s alignment with other plans, initiatives, and strategies, such as the following:

Priority is given to projects that:

  • Result in publicly accessible and sustainable assets which strongly contribute towards making Edmonton more livable with programs and services in the targeted sectors and align with the City's strategic plan, Vision 2050 (The Vision 2050 Principal is to be Connected and has four main goals relating to a Healthy City, Urban Places, Regional Prosperity, and Climate Resilience)
  • Demonstrate a notable benefit and impact for a significant number of Edmontonians
  • Address safety, health and accessibility issues
  • Restore, renew, or enhance existing assets on City land
  • If in planning phase, are shown to be feasible and align with City priorities 
  • If in construction phase, have significant confirmed funding and design work completed
  • Incorporate accessibility and universal design
  • Available funding in 2020 is limited and priority will be given to planning grants and projects from groups previously approved for planning and applying for the next phase of funding
Not Eligible

Not Eligible for Funding: 

  • Community Leagues – see Community League Infrastructure Program (CLIP)
  • Facility operating costs
  • Completed projects or funding shortfalls on projects
  • Facilities used for activities which are the mandate or responsibility of the Provincial or Federal governments (for example, health care, post-secondary education, religious activities, housing or child care)
  • FF&E items not fixed to the building - only items shown on the architect’s drawings and installed by the contractor are eligible (these include custom built-in furniture and commercial kitchen equipment)

Apply Online

Before You Apply
  • Ensure you have your Account ID and registered organization email with the City of Edmonton Grants Office
Do you know your Grant Account ID?

With our online grant applications, you will need two pieces of information to apply to any grant program:

  1. Your City of Edmonton grants assigned account ID
  2. Your organization or applicant email that is registered with the City of Edmonton Grants Office

To create or retrieve your City of Edmonton account ID:

  • Fill out the Account ID Request Form and a city employee will get back to you within 2 business days with your account information

 If you have any issues with the online application form, please email the Grants Office for assistance at

Previous Grant Award Recipients

Previous Grant Award Recipients

2019 Grant Award Recipients
In 2019, $620,523 was awarded to 10 new projects, along with council directed funding

2018 Grant Award Recipients
In 2018, 1,715,044 was awarded to 6 new projects, along with Council directed funding

2017 Grant Award Recipients
In 2017, $4,278,463 was awarded to 11 of 15 new applicants, along with Council directed funding

2016 Grant Award Recipients
In 2016, $4,927,733 was awarded to 8 of 14 new applicants,  2 previously approved applicants, along with Council directed funding

2015 Grant Award Recipients
In 2015, $3,151,264 was awarded to 10 of 14 new applicants, 2 previously approved applicants, along with Council directed funding

2014 Grant Award Recipients
In 2014, $2,295,125 was awarded to 10 out of 16 new groups, 3 previously approved applicants, along with Council directed funding

2013 Grant Award Recipients
In 2013, $1,056,500 was awarded to 4 out of 11 new groups, and 3 previously approved projects

2012 Grant Award Recipients
In 2012, $1,317,980 was awarded to 8 of 18 new groups