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Edmontonians are some of the most environmentally conscious citizens in the world, exemplified by the high participation rate in the recycling program.

Want to know where you rate on your carbon footprint? Check out the Global Footprint Network.

Get tips on how to become more eco friendly!


  • Traffic can be a big headache. Lessen the traffic by using alternative modes of transportation.
  • Be Idle Free. Idling your vehicle not only wastes gasoline (and therefore, money), it causes needless pollution and can be damaging to your vehicle. Protect your wallet and your health - be aware of idling habits.
  • Trees help to clean our air. So plant a tree and register it with Root for Trees.
  • Learn how you can contribue to improving indoor and outdoor air quality at home, school and work.

Climate Change Adaptation

  • Landscaping your yard? Consider low impact development (LID). It mimics the natural movement of water, bringing water back to the land rather than into the storm drains. Rain gardens, for example, collects, absorbs and filters stormwater runoff and allows it to soak into the ground.
  • Make sure your home is safe from floods - get a flood prevention home check-up (EPCOR).
  • Lighten your lifestyle with tips from our Green Living Guide.


  • Help your community league become more energy efficient through the Green Leagues workshops.
  • Have a plan to make your community greener and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions? Apply for the annual EcoCity Edmonton grant.
  • Start or get involved in a community garden. By growing your own produce, you reduce the distance the food must travel to get to your home.
  • Organize a swap party with friends and neighbours. Others may have what you need and you may have what others need. By reusing items, we reduce the amount of materials that need to be recycled or put in the landfill. Alternatively, donate your items to a charity. (Check to see what items they accept first!)
  • Start a tool lending library (like the Edmonton Tool Library) for items that can be pricey to buy and seldom used but handy to have. Or start a library for other items that your neighbours might need.

Energy Efficiency And Conservation In Large Buildings

Energy Efficiency And Conservation In Your Home

  • Get a variety of lifestyle tips on how to green your everyday life with our Green Living Guide
  • Check out our Green Home Energy Toolkit from the Edmonton Public Library and use it to gain a better understanding of energy use in your home
  • If you're buying, selling or renovating a home, read our Green Home Guide for tips on what to look for an energy-savings
  • Find out how energy efficient your home is and what areas you can upgrade by getting an EnerGuide for Homes energy assessment


  • If you have a yard or a balcony, you can grow your own produce. Don't have the space? Look into joining a community garden.
  • Become a beekeeper or raise some hens.
  • Shop local and buy your groceries at farmers markets. It supports the local farmers and helps ensure we have an adequate, stable food supply if there's a disruption in the global food supply.
  • Healthy soil grows healthy food. Learn how to feed the soil at Compost 'S cool.


  • Consider naturalization. With water shortages around the world, and considering the time it takes to maintain a lawn, it's tempting to turn your lawn into a concrete pad. But there is a beautiful alternative. By using plants native to Alberta, you can have a well-landscaped lawn that requires less water and is more resistant to weeds and pests. It also allows rainfall and snowpack to return to the watershed rather than stormwater drains.
  • Use pesticides responsibly, or eliminate their use entirely.
  • Edmontonians take pride in their city. Why not help make it an even more beautiful place to live? Join Partners in Parks and participate in gardening a part of our city's public spaces.
  • If you're about to re-landscape, consider eco-landscaping to reduce the amounts of pesticides, herbicides and water required for maintenance.
  • Plant a tree in your community!

Renewable Energy


  • Traffic can be a big headache. Lessen the traffic by using alternative modes of transportation. Walk, bike or try taking Edmonton Transit instead of driving. Edmonton Transit is committed to offering environmentally-friendly transportation. Just one bus can replace about 50 private cars on the road!
  • Why not share a ride? It's a great way to get to know co-workers, save money and help the environment.
  • Be Idle Free. Idling your vehicle not only wastes gasoline (and therefore, money), it also causes needless pollution and can be damaging to your vehicle. Protect your wallet and your health - be aware of your idling habits.



  • Reduce your water consumption by using efficient appliances and fixtures, such as 6L toilets, low-flow showerheads and front-loading washing machines. On January 1, 2008, the City implemented a water efficient fixtures bylaw (Bylaw 14571).
    It requires water-efficient fixtures (toilets, showerheads, faucets) to be installed in all new residential and commercial construction, as well as in renovations where plumbing permits are required.
    For further information, check out our brochure and visit EPCOR.
  • Use a rain barrel so you can use rain water on your lawn and garden rather than tap water.
  • Protect our river. Be aware of what goes down your drain.
  • If you're landscaping, consider low impact development (LID). It mimics the natural movement of water, filtering it and bringing it back to the watershed. An example of LID is a rain garden.
  • In addition to LID, consider eco-landscaping, which requires little watering or maintenance.

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