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Page updated as of October 26

The number of COVID-19 cases in Edmonton continues to increase. Effective October 26, there is a mandatory 15-person limit on all social gatherings in Edmonton.

  • Around 40% of exposures in the two cities are likely the result of social and household transmission.
  • This applies to all social or family gatherings, including parties, wedding and funeral receptions and banquets.
  • This limit does not change the measures currently in place for restaurants, worship services, wedding ceremonies, conferences, funeral services or trade shows.
  • The limit is temporary. It will be reassessed after one month.

Alberta Health Services will increase inspections of public-serving businesses in Edmonton to ensure that existing guidance is being followed and customers are protected.

City of Edmonton Employees

Breakdown of City of Edmonton Employee COVID-19 Statistics

More resources to keep all City employees informed with current information about COVID-19.

City Stops Distribution of Face Covering Exemption Cards

After assessing the face covering exemption card program following suspending card distribution, the City has decided it will not issue any additional cards.

Exemption cards that were issued through to August 12, 2020 remain valid; however businesses may still choose to ask all patrons to wear a mask or face covering. In those instances, patrons who have a legitimate exemption under the Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings bylaw should inquire with a business about alternative service methods. Options to suggest include curbside pick up, after hours service, home delivery, sending a friend or family member, and so on.

Should anyone with a legitimate exemption still have challenges securing service from a business, they can call 311, and the City may be able to offer assistance.

Shared Streets and Lane Closures - Fall 2020 Removals

Temporary adjustments to our streets were implemented earlier this year to support people getting outside, spacing out and moving safely.

  • Tuesday, September 29 - lane closures will begin to be removed
  • Tuesday, October 27 - all Shared Streets will begin to be removed

Removing these adjustments supports increased vehicle traffic with back to school and return to work, and considers increased costs and maintenance requirements due to upcoming winter conditions.

A number of lessons were learned through the Shared Streets and lane closures implemented in 2020, including confirming (through a partnership study with the University of Alberta) how they positively impacted individuals' abilities to physically distance. These experiences have provided many considerations that will be explored further when looking at opportunities for 2021.

The City of Edmonton continues to encourage people to get outside, space out, move safely and make use of the sidewalks and many pathways:

  • We have an extensive network of shared pathways and trails, and bike routes in Edmonton, see a map at
  • Recreation centres are currently offering outdoor fitness classes
  • If you cannot keep a physical distance, please wear a mask to help keep everyone safe
Shared Streets Removal - All Shared Streets will be removed

Until October 27, Shared Streets are open for people who walk, bike and drive, regardless of how they choose to move around our city.

Vehicle access is restricted to local traffic only along Shared Streets, and since all modes are using the same space, the speed limit is reduced to 20 km/hr.

Streets in densely populated neighbourhoods are the priority, so all Edmontonians have an opportunity to space out. 

  • 84 Avenue (109 Street to 112 Street)
    University Ave (109 Street to 114 Street)
  • 88 Avenue (109 Street to 110 Street)
  • 96 Street (111 Avenue to 103a Avenue)
    108a Avenue (96 Street to 94 Street)
  • 108 Street (99 Avenue to 104 Avenue)
  • 110 Street (University Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive)
  • 112 Avenue S (112 Avenue to 76 Street)
    76 Street (112 Avenue S to 110 Avenue)
    110 Avenue (76 Street to 75 Street)
    75 Street (110 Avenue to Ada Boulevard)
  • 113 Street (111 Avenue to 105 Avenue)
    109 Avenue (118 Street to 106 Street)
    109 Avenue (109 Street to 106 Street)
  • 114 Street (103 Avenue to 103a Avenue)
  • 115 Street (103 Avenue to alley south of 100 Avenue)
  • 119 Avenue (106 Street Service Road to 101 Street)
    101 Street (118 Avenue to 124 Avenue)
  • Ada Boulevard (44 Street to 75 Street)
    Ada Boulevard (109 Avenue to 104 Avenue)
  • Jasper Avenue (124 Street to 125 Street)
    125 Street (Jasper Avenue to 103 Avenue)
    103 Avenue (111 Street to 125 Street)
Lane Closure Removal - All lane closures will be removed
  • 82 Street (Jasper Avenue to 112 Avenue)
  • 103A Avenue (Jasper Avenue to 99 Street)
  • 104 Street (Northbound lanes - University Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive)
  • 112 Avenue (82 Street to 112 Avenue S)
  • Jasper Avenue (103A Avenue to 82 Street)
  • Jasper Avenue (121 Street to 124 Street)
  • Saskatchewan Drive (105 Street to 109 Street)
  • Saskatchewan Drive (110 Street to 116 Street)
  • Victoria Park Road (116 Street to River Valley Road)
  • Victoria Promenade (100 Avenue) (116 Street to 121 Street)

U of A Shared-use Roads Study

A University of Alberta study was completed utilizing a computer monitoring system to analyze video footage to measure the effectiveness and safety of some of the expanded walking and cycling paths. It found that the widening of the shared-use portion of the streets led to a 52.4% reduction in physical distancing violations for Saskatchewan Drive and a 24.5% reduction for Victoria Promenade.

You can read the full article in the University of Alberta’s Folio newsletter.

Recreation Facilities

You will find many new COVID-19 safety measures in place and a new system for visiting facilities. 

Now Open

Fitness Centres and Gymnasiums for Badminton and Pickleball
Indoor Pools at:

Please ensure you reserve a time online before visiting a City recreation centre.

Indoor Fitness Programs

Our outdoor fitness classes are moving indoors! Starting September 20, Yoga, Living Fit and Step will all be held indoors. On September 28, all Group Fitness Programs will be held indoors, except for Stadium Stairs. Classes will be offered at 5 major recreation centres throughout the City. For more information, see Indoor Fitness Programs.

Bookings and Rentals of Sports Amenities

Effective June 15, the City of Edmonton has resumed rentals of City-owned sports fields, ball diamonds, and staffed field and track & field facilities. Field lining services on non-staffed fields not available this season. Limited picnic bookings are available at select sites effective July 4th.

Summer ice rentals in City of Edmonton arenas resumed July 2. Summer gymnasium rentals in City of Edmonton community recreation centres resumed July 6. Summer fieldhouse rentals resumed July 6 (Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre) and July 13 (Kinsmen Sports Centre). Indoor pool rentals at Clareview Community Recreation Centre, Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre and Jasper Place Fitness and Leisure Centre resumed July 20

Summer rentals were allocated prior to COVID-19. Bookings and rentals staff will first confirm rentals with users with pre-existing rentals, and then field new requests.

For more information:

Sports, Play and Open Space Amenities

Day Camps

2020 Summer Day Camps

After careful consideration, the City of Edmonton has decided to cancel summer day camp offerings for the 2020 season. Many variables went into this decision including how current fiscal restraints affect our ability to offer the kind of enriching and safe experience Edmontonians have come to expect and a reasonable price.      

Anyone who had previously registered for a camp will be notified of this cancellation along with instructions about how to receive credit or a refund.

Green Shack Programming

Green Shack programming will not be activated for the duration of the summer season. This decision was made as part of the City’s strategy to reduce expedictures in response to the COVID-19 crisis and will not be affected by Provincial economic relaunch plans.

Outdoor Pools

All City operated outdoor pools, and the City Hall fountain, will remain closed for the duration of the summer season.

This decision was made as part of the City’s strategy to reduce expedictures in response to the COVID-19 crisis and will not be affected by Provincial economic relaunch plans. 

Guidelines for Using City Amenities

Some new guidelines will are now in place: 

  • Users should use local playgrounds in their neighbourhoods and sanitize their hands before and after use.
  • Singles activities in tennis or pickleball courts require users to maintain 2 metres of physical distance. 
  • Tennis or pickleball doubles are allowed, provided it is with members of the same household or family cohort. 
  • Equipment should only be shared by members of the same household or their family cohort.
  • Games on basketball and volleyball courts will only be permitted if they are with members of the same household or family cohort. These spaces are also open for casual use, for example, shooting a ball.  
  • Picnic site bookings have been cancelled through June 14, 2020 but are available for casual use by groups of 50 people or fewer. A determination of picnic site booking requests beyond June 14 are under review.
  • Provincial Playground Guidance

The funicular has resumed operation from 7am to 9pm, providing accessibility options into the river valley for Edmontonians.  Additional COVID-19 prevention measures including limiting ridership to 2 people at a time, adding signage about physical distancing and increasing cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces have been introduced.

Public Health Guidelines
  • Maintain 2 metre physical distance
  • Gather in groups of 50 people or fewer 
  • Only share common equipment with members of the same family or cohort 
  • Stay home if you feel sick 
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer
  • Wash and sanitize your hands before and after using these areas


The funicular resumed operation on June 15. It operates from 7am to 9pm, providing accessibility options into the river valley for Edmontonians. Additional COVID-19 prevention measures have been introduced, including limiting ridership to 2 people at a time and increased cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces. Masks are required unless you are riding alone or with your cohort.


Both Beechmount Cemetery and South Haven Cemetery are open for general inquiries and walk-in services.

Waste Services

Waste Collection

Presently, there are no changes to the City's residential garbage and recycling pickup services or schedules. Garbage and recycling continue to be picked up in the same way. 

Please do your part to keep collectors safe:

  • Make sure all recycling and garbage is securely bagged.
  • Please do not approach your collector to show your appreciation. The best way to thank your collector is to package your waste properly, leave a note or wave from an appropriate distance.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Used personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes face masks and gloves, cannot be recycled.

Reduced Rates

Reduced waste utility rates will be in effect from June 1 to December 31, 2020. The new monthly rates are:

  • $46.52 for curbside/alley collection
  • $30.23 for bin collection
  • $33.48 for transitional multi-unit customers

There are no planned changes to how waste is collected or processed as a result of the rate reduction. You will continue to receive the same level of service for waste collection.  

Cart Rollout Delayed

Due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, Waste Services is postponing the citywide rollout of a curbside organics program until 2021. 

We are planning for full implementation to all single-unit residences by the end of 2021.

Waste Facilities

In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Reuse Centre is temporarily closing to protect the health and safety of Edmontonians. Also, the paint exchange and Reuse areas at the Kennedale and Ambleside Eco Stations are closed until further notice.

Animals, Lost Pets and Strays

Dog Parks

Off-leash Pilot Program

The City reopened the temporary off-leash pilot program for 2020.
Interested community leagues can go to for more information. 


Alex Decoteau off-leash dog park access is restricted to a maximum occupancy of 15 people at all times.

Manning Village dog park remains closed due to maintenance.


To reduce the potential for virus transmission, we are not providing bags in any off-leash area or fenced dog park. The City reminds dog park users to bring their own bags and to pick up after your pet.

Please continue to practice physical distancing when you use off-leash areas and clean your hands after touching gates or latches, as these surfaces are not sanitized.

Peace officers will be monitoring the off-leash areas to ensure people continue to follow physical distancing and maximum occupancy rules.

Animal Care and Control Centre

As part of Phase 2 of our reopening plans, effective June 15, ACCC will accept cats when an appointment has been made (not including trapped/feral cats). Citizens are encouraged to first make attempts to find the animal’s owner before making an appointment for admittance into the ACCC. We continue to accept stray dogs and animals that are injured, sick or in distress (including pregnant cats and kittens under two months without a mother). An appointment is required and can now be made by using our online form.

All services require an appointment and can be made by calling 311 or by using the ACCC appointment bookings forms below. For more information, please visit

Animals will not be accepted without an appointment. Select the appropriate form to request an appointment time to visit the Animal Care & Control Centre. 

Ill, Injured or in Distress

Found Dog

Found Cat

Microchip Scanning 

Pet Licensing

We continue to ask the public to renew or purchase their pet licences online, at their bank or via mail.

If you need to renew your licence we encourage you to do so online or via mail to P.O. Box 2670 Edmonton, AB T5J 2G4. Payments can also be made at any financial institution or online banking payable to the City of Edmonton/Pet Business Licences or Edmonton Pet & Business Licences.

Regular bus service resumed August 30, information about School Special buses and post-secondary routes, as well as health and safety information. 

Updated September 1, 2020

Stay Safe and Healthy on Transit

We are in this together - we can keep each other safe and healthy by following a few simple steps. Wear a mask or face covering, physically distance yourself from others, consider travelling during off-peak times and continue to follow AHS guidelines. Bus shields and LRT cabs provide excellent protection so Operators do not need to wear masks when in a shielded area. However, Operators and other public facing transit employees will wear masks when going into public areas.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Updated July 7, 2020

We are continuing our daily enhanced cleaning and disinfecting on buses, LRT, DATS vehicles, transit centres, LRT stations as well as high touch areas.

Temporary Outdoor Patios, Sidewalk Cafes and Retail Space

Patios, sidewalk cafes and outdoor retail rules have changed to make it easier to expand safely. To register for this program, please read the guidelines and directions.

New Guidelines and Sign Up

This temporary Patio and Retail Expansion program has been implemented across the city at various locations.

As these streets are adjusted, information will be updated here.

The Temporary Outdoor Patio and Retail Expansion have been implemented at the following locations:

Whyte Avenue

Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue) north side, from Gateway Boulevard to 105 Street - parking lane and right travel lane closure

102 Street

102 Street from Whyte Avenue to the alley north of 81 Avenue - conversion of street to one-way southbound for vehicles

The Council and Committee meeting schedule has been impacted by COVID-19. 
Please visit for more information on what meetings are currently scheduled.

City Hall is closed to the public until further notice to ensure the health and safety of Council, City employees and the public.
Staff and accredited media will continue to have access to the building and the parkade will remain open to the public.


In support of businesses and customers who continue to use curbside pickup as their primary method of business, the first 30 minutes of every parking session in curbside EPark zones will be free. Please ensure that you start your parking session on the MyEPark app or at an EPark machine, and you will receive the first 30 minutes of your parking stay free.

Users are encouraged to download the MyEPark app for contactless payment options. If this is not possible, EPark customers are should take proper precautions to clean/sanitize hands thoroughly after using payment machines.

Events & Communities

Garage Sales

The City of Edmonton has developed guidelines to support those who organize a yard/garage sale. More info: Garage Sales


On August 4, Edmonton Public Library moved into phase 3 of their reopening plan and many branches have opened. To view a complete list of open branches please visit

The City of Edmonton is collaborating with the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) and community partners to launch EPL on the Square. This pilot initiative activates three areas of Sir Winston Churchill Square and provides select library services outside.

EPL on the Square provides Edmontonians with free WiFi, access to laptops, single-use materials (books and magazines), drop-in classes and more.

While the expected primary audience is Edmontonians experiencing homelessness, EPL on the Square is open to everyone. The Square will not be closed off and continues to allow pedestrians to pass through using signage and fencing to direct customer movement.

Litter Kits

To request a FREE litter kit, please complete this form.  Each kit includes GLAD garbage bags, gloves, safety guidelines and a litter grabber.  Kits will be delivered within one week of submitting the request.

Volunteer litter clean up events are currently on hold.  To receive status updates, please join our volunteer database by completing this form.

Big Bin Grants
A $600 Big Bin Grant is now available for Community Leagues who plan to hold an event while following Alberta Health Services COVID 19 guidelines. Visit the Big Bin Grants page for more information.
The City of Edmonton provides disposal service for discarded needles on public property.  Please call 311 for assistance.  
If you have been a victim of graffiti vandalism, Capital City Clean Up offers up to $750 worth of professional graffiti cleaning assistance to property owners.  To apply for the grant, please click here
If you see graffiti in  your neighbourhood, please report it by calling 311.
The Community Mural Grant program has been suspended for 2020 due to COVID 19.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard

This data dashboard provides information about various elements of the City’s response to COVID-19. Information is updated daily. 

The City of Edmonton Data Dashboard gives at-a-glance COVID-19 data in 5 areas:

Temporary Shelters
  • Information provided by shelter staff and reflects City facilities only
  • Central Lions Seniors Centre and Kinsmen Sports Centre provide overnight accommodation. Those services are operated by Hope Mission and the Mustard Seed, respectively. 
  • Central Lions Seniors Centre is used as overflow space for the Hope Mission shelter, which also offers overnight accommodations.
COVID-19 Related Complaints
  • Complaints received since March 30 from 311 and the City’s online complaint form
  • Show all complaints received, including those that were determined to be invalid
  • Includes complaints regarding physical distancing and specific COVID-19 restrictions, including face coverings.
  • Each complaint is reviewed for enforcement action such as investigation, proactive patrols, hotspot enforcement and further education
Peace Officer Patrols
  • Proactive patrolling and hotspot enforcement are an active part of the City's enforcement activity. City Peace Officers and Bylaw Officers deploy based on complaints received and in collaboration with AHS and EPS. 
  • Bus/LRT location data is relatively low in comparison to other locations shown here, as data was not collected until mass gathering restrictions were set at 15 people or fewer. 
  • Verbal warnings for education or tickets issued in particular areas, such as off-leash parks.
  • When ticketing is appropriate, officers use discretion in types of tickets issued. In most cases, bylaw tickets are issued for infractions when appropriate. Public Health Act infraction tickets are reserved for more severe cases.
Business Related Investigations
  • Businesses are checked for their compliance with AHS directives and either issued a ticket or ordered to close. 
  • Vehicle for Hire inspections are done at random or based on a complaint received for a specific vehicle. 
Public Health Act Tickets

Public Health Act tickets can be issued by City of Edmonton Peace Officers and members of the Edmonton Police Service. Tickets may be issued if an individual or business does not comply to public health orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Peace Officer information is updated daily, and EPS data is updated every Monday.

Open Dashboard

Other details to note: 

  • Data is updated regularly but can be up to 36 hours delayed due to connections to multiple data sources. 
  • The public data sources and links for Alberta Health Services are listed at the bottom of that page. 
  • Most sections have a slider to show data for specific days or weeks. 
  • Selecting different date ranges will illustrate changes in trends as additional or tighter restrictions were put in place in response to COVID-19.

Food Truck Permits

Updated April 30, 2020

The City will continue to issue vending permits to food truck operators, with added requirements in place to ensure public health and safety is maintained. Those requirements include:

  • No seating or consumption areas
  • No self-serve condiments
  • Appropriate physical distancing measures for lineups and ordering
  • Maintaining distance between food trucks to avoid congestion
  • Disinfecting measures in line with AHS recommendations

Food truck locations will be limited to on-street parking zones and City parkland parking lots. Permits will only be issued to operators that qualify as an essential food service under provincial requirements. Permits will not be issued for carts or food vendors that would typically operate on sidewalks.

Community and Non-Profit Supports for Edmontonians

Updated April 28, 2020

Edmonton’s resiliency is possible through the extensive and collaborative efforts of community groups and non-profits to deliver a wide range of public social services. Visit these Community and Non-Profit Links for information on new and continuing services for Edmontonians.

To learn more, please call 211 or view a provincial directory of the community, health, social and governmental organizations and services.

City Workforce Reductions

Updated April 27, 2020

On April 27, the City of Edmonton announced an additional 900 temporary layoffs of employees. This follows an announcement on March 30 of 1,600 temporary layoffs of City employees and 400 Edmonton Public Library employees. These workforce reduction strategies are in response to a budget shortfall due to lower revenues and declines in demand for services in some business areas.


Service Counter Closures

In-person services will be reduced, including the Edmonton Service Centre at the Edmonton Tower, to protect everyone’s health and safety. 

The following locations with in-person services will be closed. Most locations will still offer services via phone, email or mail:

The following service counters will be open for services by appointment only:

Edmonton Service Centre at Edmonton Tower

All in-person services are suspended, including ETS sales, tax and assessment, records searches, permits and licenses, and any other payments.

Edmontonians are encouraged to access the services they require online, through the 311 app, by phone or by email. 

For ETS lost and found inquiries, please call 780-496-1622 to confirm if your article has been found and arrange an appointment time with the Lost and Found staff to pick up your item.

City Hall Counter

City Hall, including the front service counter, is closed to the public. Access is limited to members of Council, staff and accredited media. City Hall event bookings have been suspended until further notice.

Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board

The Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board Front Counter is fully closed to any in-person services. There are a number of services that continue to be available by phone or via email. 

Effective immediately Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board is closed to the public, however services are available in the following ways:  

  •  For advice and information, please call 780-496-5959 Ext.1
  •  To order forms, please call 780-496-5959 Ext. 2
  •  You may also contact us at our email address:
  •  All landlord courses and public education workshops are postponed until further notice.  If you have questions or concerns about our education courses please contact 780-496-5959, Ext. 2
Waste Services - Reuse Centre & Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Reuse Centre 

Closed for business, including drop-offs, until further notice

Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Cash payments no longer accepted until further notice

Office of the City Clerk

The City Clerk team is providing services and can be contacted at:

Safe and Healthy Communities

Support groups are currently postponed until further notice. 

To reach a social worker, call 780-496-4777, leave a message, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Our phones are in operation Monday and Friday, 8:30am-noon and 1-4:30pm, and Wednesday, 8:30am-noon

Cemetery Service

Please note indoor gatherings are restricted to 15 people or fewer and outdoor gatherings are restricted to 50 people or fewer, as per public health guidelines.

Our client care team is available to answer any questions about cemetery services and schedule ceremonies over the phone at 780-442-0974 or by email at Hours of operation are Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 4:30pm. Exceptions will be made (by request) for clients/families who do not have necessary technology.

Service of Legal Documents On the City

City Hall and Chancery Hall are closed to the public.

Contact the Law branch to arrange a time and manner for personal service of legal documents.

Contact or 780-496-7200

Pursuant to Alberta Rules of Court, Rule 11.21, this email address is not a valid address for service and emails sent to this address with legal documents attached will not be considered service on the City of Edmonton.  You will receive a reply from one of the lawyers regarding service arrangements.

The City offers a number of online options for services. The online options available will be found within the department pages that offer the service. More information on these service and many others is available at

Any other services can be accessed through the 311 app or by calling 311.

Safe Speeds and Automated Enforcement

By driving at safe speeds, drivers can help ease the burden on police and health resources so they can focus on COVID-19.

Remember that PlaygroundZone speed limits of 30 km/h are in effect, and are extra important as families are heading back to school. Watch out for one another around schools. It will be busy with children and vehicles in mornings and afternoons.

Enforcement will continue throughout the city to help keep our streets as safe and locations that have seen an increase in speeding will be prioritized. Please help us keep our roads and each other safe by slowing down.

COVID-19 Bylaw Complaints

The City of Edmonton is taking bylaw complaints on concerns related to COVID-19. (eg. Face Coverings)

Physical Distancing Concern

The City of Edmonton is taking complaints on physical distancing concerns related to COVID-19

Vehicle for Hire

Dispatch and Vehicle Licence Fee Reductions

On October 5, 2020, City Council approved a 100% reduction in 2020 dispatch and vehicle licence fees for limousines and a 50% reduction in these fees for all other vehicles for hire.

The fee reductions will be applied when licensees renew their dispatch and vehicle licences or apply for a new licence. For licensees who have already paid their 2020 fees, a credit will be applied to their 2021 fees. The fee reductions are one way the City is helping to relieve concerns about financial strain raised by the industry due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resources

Government of Alberta

Latest news and updates on COVID-19 and the current risk level for Albertans.

Government of Alberta

Current Situation

  • Status on current number of cases in Alberta

Current Risk level in Alberta

  • Risk Level

Cases and Testing

  • Location, confirmed cases and deaths

About Coronavirus

  • Background information on the virus

Prevent and Prepare

  • How to prevent the spread
  • How to prepare

Info for Albertans

  • Infor for travellers
  • Info for seniors
  • Info for schools
  • Info for employers
  • Info for municipalities

Actions Being Taken

  • Listing of current actions being taken

Chief Medical Officer Updates

  • Latest statements from Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health


  • Listing of web based resources


  • Links to Alberta news on new cases of COVID-19
Government of Canada

Outbreak Update

  • Current situation
  • Risk to Canadians
  • How Canada is monitoring COVID-19
  • History

Symptoms and Treatment

  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • If you become ill
  • Diagnosing coronavirus
  • Treating coronavirus
  • About coronaviruses

Prevention and Risks

  • How coronavirus spreads
  • Preventing coronavirus
  • Risks of getting coronavirus

Being prepared

  • Being prepared
  • For individuals
  • For communities
  • For schools and daycares
  • For workplaces

For health Professionals

Canada’s response

  • How Canada is responding to COVID-19
  • At Canadian airports
  • Assisted departures
  • Collaboration

Travel Advice

  • Active travel health notices
  • Health risks
  • Safety and security abroad
  • Avoid all cruise ship travel
  • Registration of Canadians Abroad
  • For returning travellers

Awareness Resources

  • Know the facts about coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  • About coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  • Be prepared
  • Be Prepared COVID-19
  • Travellers returning to Canada
  • Travellers returning from Iran and Hubei Province, China

Alberta Health Services

Use this self-assessment tool to help determine whether you should get tested for COVID-19.

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