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EPCOR Drainage Services responds to issues regarding clogged or blocked catch basins causing pooling water on a road or sidewalk.

About the Service

Blocked or clogged catch basins may cause pooling water on a road or sidewalk. EPCOR responds to issues related to blocked or clogged catch basins.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

Water main breaks are considered an emergency, please call EPCOR water at 780-412-6800 for water main breaks.

Keep our city safe and clean by helping out where you can. If you are able to clear a catch basin on your own safely, please do so.

Otherwise you may report a blocked city catch basin using our self-service reporting tool.

To help speed up the response time and provide further details about the issue and location of the concern, you may attach a photo to the request.

Report a blocked or clogged catch basin causing pooling water


What the City does with your request

EPCOR Drainage Services will investigate the concern and clear the catch basin when required.