Transit Operators provide a vital front-line service by helping Edmontonians move safely around the city. Every day, operators juggle multiple priorities like road conditions, traffic, weather, schedules, customer service, pedestrians and bikes, all while operating a large transit vehicle. Operators spend 8+ hours each day helping, supporting and assisting transit customers with all facets of their journey. Just like every other employee, whether you work in an office or out in the field, Transit Operators have a right to a safe and respectful work space. 

Get on board with respect. 

Transit Operators are deeply passionate about their work and a simple ‘thank you’ from a customer can make their day. When our operators are surrounded by a respectful work space and customers get on board with respect, it further empowers our operators to get you home safely. As the familiar saying goes, “help me, help you.” Thank you to everyone who is respectful, safe and courteous.