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E-Cigarettes - Smoking e-cigarettes or 'vaping' is not permitted on ETS Property.

Cannabis - Cannabis cannot be consumed on buses or LRT, nor inside bus shelters, transit centres, LRT stations or platforms. 

Backpacks – Many passengers carry large, heavy backpacks that could injure other passengers. Please use care and courtesy when travelling with such items. Carry backpacks in front of you to minimize chance of hitting other passengers. When seated, hold your backpack on your lap so other passengers can be seated as well.

E-scooters - E-scooters are not allowed on the LRT from 7:30-9am, and 4-5:30pm. They are allowed on the LRT outside of these hours. Please note the meter on the e-scooter may continue to run while riding the LRT. E-scooters are not permitted on buses or bike racks on the front of buses. Non-motorized scooters are allowed on buses and LRT. 

Skis/Toboggans and other Large items – Provided there is room, skis, toboggans and other large bulky items are permitted on buses. Operators have the right to refuse passengers attempting to board with such items on heavily loaded buses. Skis and toboggans must be carried upright and stored out of the way of the aisle. Use care and courtesy to avoid inconveniencing or injuring other passengers.

Rollerblades and Skates – Passengers are not permitted to wear rollerblades or skates on the bus. Carry such items in a safe manner (by the wheels or blades), not slung over your shoulder or attached to a hockey stick. Use care and courtesy to avoid inconveniencing or injuring other passengers.

Personal Listening Devices – Personal listening devices (for example, iPods, MP3 players, and so on) are allowed on the bus at the Operator’s discretion. If your music disturbs the driver or another passenger, you will be asked to turn it down or off.

Food and Drink – Consumption of food and drink is allowed on ETS buses and LRT provided that food and beverages are in containers designed for travel and under the control of the customer. Passengers are permitted to board with such products where there is little probability of a spill; however, passengers may be asked to dispose of the product before boarding if the Operator perceives a safety or cleanliness issue.

Pets – Passengers are permitted to travel on buses and LRT with a pet provided the pet is properly confined in an appropriate container (for example, a cage) and remains confined for the duration of the trip. Use care and courtesy to avoid inconveniencing or injuring other passengers. No fare is required for the animal.

Service Animals/Assistance Dogs - Dogs trained to aid or to guide the visually impaired, hearing impaired, or persons with other disabilities are permitted on buses, provided their animal has been trained by an ADI-accredited organization. No fare is required for the animal. Service animals must be kept out of the aisles and must be under control and with their owner at all times.

Oxygen Tanks – Passengers who require oxygen life support systems and apparatus are permitted to travel on ETS. However, propane tanks and other flammable/explosive materials are not permitted to travel on ETS.

Bicycles – Bicycles and folding bicycles are not permitted aboard ETS buses, however, all routes are equipped with bike-racks (except community buses) to accommodate passengers using bikes for part of their commute. Bicycles and folding bicycles are permitted on the LRT during non-peak hours provided they comply with conditions outlined in Municipal Bylaw 8353.

Note: Bicycles are not permitted in bike racks on ETS buses providing inter-municipal highway trips (Routes 540, 560, 561, 580, 599 and 747). The bike racks were not designed to securely hold a bike at highway speed and there is the potential for a bike to become loose and fall off during the trip. 

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