ETS Route Schedules

Allows users to look up a route schedule and map. You can “Select a Route” from the full list or use the “Select a Route Group” drop-down menu to narrow the search to regular routes, community routes, LRT, school services, airport service and other routes. Use “Select Specific Stops” to choose timing points, all stops or specific stops to build your own schedule with just the stops you want. This feature is available for both desktop and mobile websites.

ETS Bus Stop Schedules

Allows users to look up a stop along a route. You can search for a stop by stop number, address, intersection and landmark. When searching by address, intersection or landmark, all nearby stops will be plotted on the map to make it easy to identify how close they are. Select a stop to get next departures. If real-time departure information is available it will be displayed along with the current location of the bus on the map. This feature is available in both the desktop and mobile websites.

ETS Landmarks

Allows users to locate the stops in or around a landmark. These landmarks are grouped by categories that can be expanded by clicking on the plus (+) icon or on the name. Select a landmark and it will display on the map. Click “Find Nearby Stops” to find a stop near this location.

ETS Stop Finder

Allows users to find a location and locate the stops in an area and get next departures from any of those stops. You can search for a location by stop, address, intersection and landmark. This feature is available in both the desktop and mobile websites. TIP – For the desktop site, click on the Google Map to select a point and then ‘find nearby stops’ to get next departures.

ETS Real-Time Map

The real-time map is integrated with Google Maps and displays the current bus location, updated every 20 seconds. The map is also available in satellite and street view. Currently, only Smart Bus routes display bus icons moving in real-time on the map. When you select a bus icon, its real-time status will display. When you select a stop, it will show you both the scheduled times and the estimated real-time departure from that stop.

The bus icons are colour coded to identify their current status at a glance:

  • Green = on time (defined as up to 2 minutes before and 3 minutes after the scheduled time).
  • Red = early (defined as more than 2 minutes before the scheduled time).
  • Blue = late (defined as more than 3 minutes after the scheduled time).
  • Grey = no information available.