The Supervisor of Training is a fun and challenging position that leads a team of more than 22 Instructors. If your management and problem-solving skills are superb, and you enjoy helping people succeed, this could be a great career path for you.

Job Overview

The ETS Training Supervisor leads a team of more than 22 instructors - 12 permanent and up to 10 relief. This position reports to the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services.

The ETS Training Supervisor oversees and manages the training program for Edmonton Transit. The primary purpose of the ETS training unit is to prepare new recruits for their jobs as bus and DATS Operators More than 200 new Operators are trained each year.

At the conclusion of the training, Operators must be ready to assume their full responsibilities on the road. To accomplish this, the Training Supervisor must understand what needs to be learned and the best methods for delivering the training. Instructional objectives, curriculum design, delivery methods, and student evaluations must be reviewed and updated frequently.

The Training Supervisor is accountable for the performance of the Training Instructors who report to him/her. The Training Supervisor must ensure that the Instructors are fully trained, competent, and are clear on what is expected of them. He or she leads the team of Instructors, provides direction, coaching, and evaluates performance.

The Training Supervisor works closely with the other Supervisors in Operations Support Services to ensure there is an adequate supply of trained Operators to meet ETS service demands. New service packages, retirements, and resignations must all be factored into the planning process. Plans and estimates must be continually updated to reflect changes.

The Training Supervisor leads and/or participates in several projects. A recent example is the work on a certification program for Operators called “Certified Professional Bus Operators” (CPBO). Another is updating the ETS orientation program.

The Training Supervisor also develops in-house courses and partners with other departments and agencies to organize or customize various training events for ETS employees. As part of a larger decision-making process associated with policies and procedures, the ETS Training Supervisor has the opportunity to initiate or influence change.

The ETS Training Supervisor conducts operational business planning such as resource allocations for ETS training activities, and is responsible for the training unit’s budget.

Working Environment

The ETS Training Supervisor has an office in Ferrier Garage. The Training Supervisor must be very well organized and flexible to meet changing demands. Everything must be ready to go on short notice. This can create some stress.

Hours of Work

The Supervisor of Training works standard business hours, Monday to Friday. However, during special events, the Supervisor is required to work additional hours.

What the Training Supervisor Likes About This Job

  • The opportunity to work on multiple projects related to training. Recent examples include media production of safety videos for LRT, evaluating new equipment such as the specifications for safety shields, developing online learning programs, and other training initiatives.
  • The job is fun and challenging.
  • The opportunity to observe processes and influence change.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of This Job

The training schedule for new Operators must be closely aligned with service development, recruitment, shift design, and scheduling. The ETS Training Supervisor has a key role in ensuring that ETS service requirements are met.

The ETS Training Supervisor must ensure that Instructors have the competencies and skills to teach and evaluate students. The Supervisor must also ensure the training program is relevant and teaches the required skills.

Success Factors

  • You understand and can apply adult education principles.
  • You can develop and evaluate training programs
  • You have the ability to negotiate.
  • You have a sense of humour.
  • You have an operational knowledge of Transit.
  • You understand the Transit Operator job.
  • You can build and lead a team.
  • You have excellent planning and organization skills. 
  • You are persuasive and have the ability to influence decisions.
  • You have excellent project management skills.
  • You have the ability to coach employees and manage performance.
  • You have excellent problem-solving skills.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor of Education degree with a major in adult education would be ideal. The ETS Training Supervisor should also have supervision and leadership training.
  • A minimum of five years of supervisory experience in a unionized workplace, preferably carrying out training.
  • Curriculum development, student evaluation and training competencies.
  • Business planning, resource management and budgeting skills.
  • Knowledge of safe bus operations and practices.
  • Knowledge of effective Transit practices in a large city.
  • Knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the ATU 569 Collective Agreement.
  • Knowledge of ETS standards, policies, and procedures.

Union Affiliation

The Supervisor of Training is a management position. Classification, compensation, and working conditions are governed by the Total Rewards Program for management.

Preparing for This Job

The ETS Training Supervisor must have a solid background in adult education and knowledge of performance based training. Experience in Transit Operations would be a definite asset.

Incumbents should have a balance of technical knowledge and experience. On the experience side, aspiring Operators should have ETS Training Instructor experience, and one other Transit role besides being an Operator. This could provide prospective Supervisors with the required operational experience.

An adult education certificate or diploma would be required for success in this role.