Do you aspire to a position where you can make a real difference in the quality of your team’s work life and where you get to become involved with new technologies and influence change? The Supervisor of Dispatch is one such role in Edmonton Transit that could be right for your career.

Job Overview

The Supervisor of Dispatch leads a team of 48 dispatchers assigned to five divisions. This position reports to the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services.

The Supervisor of Dispatch manages the dispatch function and service plan for Edmonton Transit including “mini” sign-ups. As a result of vacations and unplanned absences, there are weekly and daily sign-ups in addition to the major sign-ups. He or she ensures that sufficient Dispatchers and Transit Operators are available to meet daily service requirements and that scheduled and unscheduled work is allocated cost effectively. This position is responsible for the accurate recording of Operator and Dispatcher absences, trades and vacation.

The person in this position develops operating standards and procedures for each dispatch division and shift. These procedures are reviewed every two years and revised as required. The Supervisor of Dispatch also sets up the training guidelines and protocols.

The Supervisor of Dispatch mentors the Dispatchers at all five divisions, assessing strengths and abilities, and assigning project work accordingly. He or she is also responsible for providing direction, clarifying work expectations, developing work plans and reviewing Dispatcher performance. The Supervisor meets with Dispatcher groups regularly to bring ideas or issues forward and share information.

The Supervisor of Dispatch leads and participates in major project work such as building an automated dispatch process. He or she is also part of a larger decision making process associated with policies and procedures, having the opportunity to influence change.

Working Environment

The Supervisor of Dispatch maintains an office in Centennial Garage, but works out of all five divisions. He or she must be an excellent time manager and organizer to maximize time spent at each location. The job can be stressful.

Hours of Work

This is not a regular day job. Hours of work vary depending on circumstances and emergent issues. The Supervisor is expected to be available at all times and must be prepared to work at night if required.

What the Supervisor of Dispatch Likes About This Job

  • Training and mentoring Relief Dispatchers and developing career-minded Dispatchers. Many Dispatchers have interest in learning and progressing. Working with career minded individuals is very satisfying.
  • There are opportunities to get involved in new projects and technologies and there is a variety of work. 
  • The opportunity to observe processes and influence change.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of This Job

The Supervisor of Dispatch works out of five divisions and does not have daily interactions with all staff. He or she must be very organized to maximize the benefits of time spent at each garage. The Supervisor of Dispatch must be aware of issues in all locations and must be able to make decisions quickly.

Success Factors

  • You have a thorough operational knowledge of Transit and experience as a Dispatcher.
  • You understand the Transit Operator job.
  • You are able to build and lead a team.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and a genuine interest in people.
  • You have excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • You are persuasive and have the ability to influence decisions.
  • You have excellent project management skills.
  • You have technical skills.
  • You have the ability to coach employees and manage performance.
  • You have excellent problem-solving skills.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor Degree in Business would be an asset, supplemented by a certificate program in supervisor, leadership or management studies.
  • Must have supervisory and project management training.
  • A minimum of five years of progressively responsible management experience that involves Transit Operations within a unionized work environment. 
  • Knowledge of and experience in business planning, Transit Dispatch practices.
  • Extensive knowledge of the ATU 569 Collective Agreement and the application of its provisions.
  • Proficiency in the use of computers and computer applications.
  • Knowledge of ETS standards, policies, and procedures.

Union Affiliation

The Supervisor of Dispatch is a management position. Classification, compensation, and working conditions are governed by the Total Rewards Program for management.

Preparing for This Job

The Supervisor of Dispatch must have Transit Dispatch experience and extensive knowledge of Edmonton Transit.