Are you eager to create change? Do you feel rewarded in leading a team that’s keen to learn? Do you envision better ways of doing things? Do you know about trends and even create some yourself? It takes a special kind of person to be the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services for Edmonton Transit. It might be you!

Job Overview

This position is similar and equivalent to a Divisional Supervisor, but is responsible for several specialized functions that directly support Bus Operations. Reporting to the Director of Bus Operations, the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services leads a team of five supervisors who are each responsible for one of the following functions: dispatch, recruitment, shift design, ETS training, and resource management. The operations unit is accountable for ensuring that employees are allocated to the work so that ETS service requirements are met. 

The person in this role is responsible for team performance and delivery. Leading the team is a primary function. The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services is responsible for developing and implementing five-year plans that align with Edmonton Transit’s goals and plans. The supervisor must ensure that team members understand the goals, and their roles in achieving them. Depending on the experience of the direct-reports, the amount of mentoring and leadership required varies.

Leading business process reviews is an important aspect of the job. Technology and processes are changing rapidly so the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services is expected to evaluate the way things are done, review processes, and design improvements. He or she must also be a change manager, able to sell the reason for change, and motivate others to make the changes. Progress must be made without compromising ETS service.

The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services oversees quality control of shift design and dispatch services for all bus and LRT services. He or she ensures processes are in place for accurate pass-off of payroll information into the corporate payroll system. As unit supervisor, overseeing responsibility for the delivery of training to Operators and maintaining effective outreach and recruiting strategies are essential.

The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services oversees and participates in operational business planning. This means developing recruitment strategies, training schedules, and workforce plans.

The person in this job also manages the Operator performance management process, ensures systems are in place to accurately track performance, and that information is transferred to Bus Operations Supervisors within timelines.

Working Environment

The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services works in an office at Ferrier Garage.

Hours of Work

The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services works standard business hours, Monday to Friday.

What the Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services Likes About This Job

  • It is a diverse, interesting and complex role. The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services deals with five major areas. All have a Transit focus, but different functions. 
  • The opportunity to research other ways of doing things and making improvements. Every quarter, recruitment and training goals are re-evaluated and adjusted by the team. There is opportunity to make changes and be flexible. 
  • The team is energetic, committed, and wants to make improvements. Everyone wants to learn and it is great to lead a team like this.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of This Job

Coordinating the work of five different functional areas is exciting but challenging. Keeping everyone focused on the goals and business plan is important. It is sometimes difficult to understand why things are done a certain way and then create some momentum for improvement.

Learning all of the different outputs of the area and adjusting these based on client input and needs is challenging. The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services must be open to the requirements of several clients. Primary clients include all of the ETS leadership team, Divisional Supervisors and Bus Operations Supervisors.

Success Factors

  • You have strong leadership skills and the ability to coach and mentor.
  • You have excellent supervisory skills.
  • You have exceptional analytical skills and you are decisive.
  • You have strong technical/computer skills.
  • You have a thorough operational knowledge of ETS and experience within Transit.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You are good at building relationships.
  • You are both a team builder and a team player.
  • You are good at influencing decisions.
  • You are good at coordinating tasks and functions and setting priorities.
  • You are good at setting and communicating performance standards.
  • You are good at monitoring performance against goals, standards, and assignments.
  • You are good at recognizing employees for their efforts.
  • You cooperate with others to meet goals and objectives.
  • You have excellent problem–solving skills.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is desirable. The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services must have certification and training in leadership or management. A minimum of six years of progressively responsible leadership/management experience involving Transit operations is required. 
  • Knowledge of the Transit industry. This means knowing about trends and better ways of running services. 
  • Knowledge of operational planning and City of Edmonton budgeting practices is required. 
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services works within a unionized environment and must be knowledgeable of all collective agreements in effect between the City of Edmonton and unionized employees.

Union Affiliation

The Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services is a management position. Classification, compensation, and working conditions are governed by the Total Rewards Program for management.

Preparing for This Job

Being an experienced Bus Operations Supervisor or Divisional Supervisor is one of the best ways to prepare for the role of Supervisor of Branch Operations Support Services. Individuals interested in becoming a Director in Edmonton Transit would benefit from experience in this role.