As an expert in the Transit Industry, you are eager to be at the centre of the action and positively influence the operations of ETS. You’re a leader! You handle rapidly changing situations and competing demands. Here’s the perfect opportunity for your skills — working as the Safety Operations Coordinator.

Job Overview

The Safety Operations Coordinator (SOC) is responsible for overseeing the ETS Operational Control Room, and the Corps of Superintendents and Inspectors. The SOC works closely with Security, Bus Operations, and LRT. The position reports to the Director of ETS Safety and Security.

As the title suggests, the Safety Operations Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and delivery of functions related to the safe and efficient delivery of Transit services. Overseeing the Operational Control Room is one of the SOC’s major responsibilities. This means ensuring all of the functions within the Control Room and those connected to ETS operations are run effectively.

The Safety Operations Coordinator is directly involved in critical incident management when emergent situations escalate beyond normal operational parameters. In this role the SOC is involved in evaluation and analysis of safety and security processes within the context of the Control Room, and identifying potential improvements. The SOC is involved in the development of policies and procedures and ensuring they are reviewed and updated regularly to keep the Control Room current with industry best practices.

Another major role of the Safety Operations Coordinator is to develop, build and maintain the necessary teamwork between Control, Bus Operations, LRT, Service Development and the Security unit. The SOC must be able to mentor and influence various individuals to communicate and optimize service delivery.

The Safety Superintendents report to the Safety Operations Coordinator. As their Supervisor, the SOC’s role is to provide leadership and guidance to the Superintendents and set direction for the Inspectors. The SOC works closely with the Bus Operations Supervisors to ensure that Bus Operators have an overall support system while receiving guidance and supervisory support on the road from the Inspectors. The SOC is also expected to ensure that relevant Operator performance information is meeting Bus Operations needs, collision reports are accurate and complete, and remedial action alternatives are presented.

Significant administrative work that supports the Section and the Director of Safety and Security is assigned to the Safety Operations Coordinator. This includes regular operational reports, POSSE and CACTIS investigations, overseeing personnel and committee work.

Working Environment

The Safety Operations Coordinator works a regular weekday shift in an office, but is also on call 24 hours a day unless on vacation or EDO (Earned Day Off). There is only one Safety Operations Coordinator and situations can arise any time of day or night that require an immediate decision on the appropriate response and chain-of-command notifications.

The Safety Operations Coordinator must deal with the challenge of balancing shifting priorities. The role can be demanding at times, yet the exhilaration of being at the centre of the action, and the ability to directly influence and direct the operations of ETS at a fundamental level provides a balance.

The Safety Operations Coordinator works with an excellent support team, including the Director, Superintendents, Inspectors, Data Analysts, and Administrative Support staff. All are highly motivated professionals dedicated to ensuring service continuity, and providing Operator and customer service, and support.

Hours of Work

The Safety Operations Coordinator works standard business hours, Monday to Friday. However, the position routinely calls for additional hours as is the normal expectation of someone at this level of responsibility and accountability.

What the Safety Operations Coordinator Likes About This Job

  • The everyday challenges and the variety of activities.
  • The opportunity to review how things are done and make improvements.
  • The opportunity to plan and build for the future within the context of the direction provided by the governance structure of ETS and the City of Edmonton.
  • Leading, mentoring and coaching staff, and connecting with employees.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of the Job

The workload is heavy and there are many demands. To facilitate team-building and cooperation, relationships are very important. The challenge is building relationships when employees are in different work locations. The Safety Operations Coordinator must often use email to manage daily events. At the same time he/she needs to have personal contact with employees.

Success Factors

  • You have the ability to produce required information and reports quickly and accurately, and meet required deadlines and performance expectations.
  • You possess strong personal characteristics such as: decisiveness, leadership skills, problem-solving skills
  • You understand what technology can do, its limitations, and where it is headed in the future. You understand the relationships and benefits of technology to ETS and how to incorporate into best practice management.
  • You are adept at managing conflict.
  • You have strong relationship-building skills.
  • You know how to build a team and be a team player.
  • You are skilled in influencing decisions.
  • You are adept at coordinating tasks and functions and setting priorities.
  • You have the ability to set and communicate performance standards.
  • You have the ability to coach, mentor and help staff in their personal development.
  • You cooperate with others to meet goals and objectives.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration is desirable.
  • Leadership and management training
  • A minimum of six years of progressively responsible leadership/management experience involving Transit operations.

Union Affiliation

The Safety Operations Coordinator is a management position. Classification, compensation and working conditions are governed by the Total Rewards Program for management. The incumbent must be able to lead and supervise in a unionized work environment and understand the working relationship agreement.

Preparing for This Job

Being an experienced Safety Superintendent with additional experience in Bus Operations would help to prepare candidates for this role. Incumbents must be able to handle rapidly changing priorities and competing demands. He or she must be able to multi-task and cope with change. Significant experience in building and leading teams would also be an asset.