Safety and security is everyone’s business. If you see something out of the ordinary, report it immediately to the bus or light rail train Operator, other uniformed ETS personnel, law enforcement personnel, or call or text Transit Watch at 780-442-4900.

In the event of an emergency situation while travelling on ETS, remain calm and listen carefully to announcements and follow instructions.

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of emergency exits on buses and LRT trains
  • Do not prevent bus or train doors from closing

Travel Safe Tips

Follow these tips for your personal safety.

  • If you are carrying small personal electronics, conceal them under your clothing or in your backpack. These items are favourite targets for would-be thieves

  • Hold your purse or bag in front of you, close to your body

  • Do not leave personal items or bags unattended

Be Aware of What’s Going on Around You

  • If you drive to a transit centre or LRT station to continue your commute, park your vehicle in a well-lit area

  • When returning to your vehicle, have your keys ready. Conduct a safety check by walking around your vehicle

  • Walk to and from the bus stop or LRT station along a well-lit path. Don’t be tempted to shortcut through a dark or isolated area

  • Be alert and walk purposefully. Using electronic devices may decrease your awareness

  • When waiting for a bus or train, don’t isolate yourself. Stand near other people if possible or close to the Blue Help Phone if available

  • In periods of low ridership (late at night etc.), choose to sit in the front car on the LRT or at the front of the bus near the operator

  • Familiarize yourself with the type and location of safety features on the bus or LRT vehicle

  • To request security assistance, use the Blue Help Phones or call or text Transit Watch at 780-442-4900