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Route Schedule Help Sections

The Route Schedule presents schedules for ETS bus and LRT routes using route information you provide for the date you've entered. If you’re not certain of the route you’re looking for, you can also view the available routes for the date you’ve selected. Click the links below to jump to the proper help section.

Route Schedule

To use the Route Schedule, you will need to provide:

  • Your travel date (today’s date is entered automatically)
  • Your route number

Choose Travel Date

Today’s date is automatically entered in the “Date” field. If you are viewing route schedules for a date other than today, enter your date of travel using either the entry field or the calendar provided. (TIP: Date format is MM/DD/YY)


Enter Route # or LRT

Enter the number of your route or “LRT” in the “Route” field.


See Available Routes

If you are unsure of the route you are looking for, you can click “See Available Routes” to view a list of available routes for the travel date you’ve selected.

You will see a table of available routes. To find the route you are looking for, use the numbers to page to the correct route.

To view more detail on a specific route, click the arrow next to the route option number.

To select a route, click on the "Select" button next to the route.


Get Route Schedule

Once you’ve entered your route number, click the “Get Route Schedule” button to view a schedule for the route you’ve entered.


View Route Schedule

Once you’ve submitted a route number, you will see a table displaying the route schedule information for the date you've entered.
You can view:
• Bus Stop timing points (i.e. Streets and Avenues)
• Bus Stop numbers
• Departing direction of buses
• Bus feature information (for example, L - Low Floor ; B – Low Floor Bus Equipped with Bike Rack; C - Community Bus)
• The times the bus arrives at each timing point/bus stop

NOTE: Route plans can only be provided for the current service period. ETS has five service changes a year - in February, April,June, September and December. A minimum of two weeks advance service is available. If service is not available for the date you require, please check back closer to your travel date.


View Route Details

To view more details on the route, click the arrow beside the route number. The Route schedule will open to display the main landmarks that the route travels through as well as information on the hours of service (e.g. "Peak Hours only)

Route Destination
The schedule tells you the destination of the route you have selected, other major points where the route stops, and important bus features.
(for example, Route 9 Southgate - Downtown - Kingsway – Northgate Via: Old Strathcona - Kinsmen Sport Centre - Telus Field - Alberta Legislature Building - Victoria School - Royal Alexandra Hospital - NAIT - North Town Mall - Northgate Centre (Bike Rack Equipped).

Timing Points
Timing Points show where the route stops, the bus stop number, and the direction the bus is travelling at each timing points. Buses will stop at these stops and other stops in between. Express service buses make fewer stops between timing points for the route and are shown across the top of the schedule in short form. To see the full description of the timing point, move the cursor over the abbreviation. (TIP: Move the cursor over "NGTE" and "TC" to show "Northgate" and "Transit Centre".)

Travel Times Between Bus Stops
Read the schedule from left to right to give you the travel time from point to point.

Travel Times from Specific Locations
Read the schedule from top to bottom to see how often buses travel from a specific location. (for example, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes) Scroll down to view entire schedule.


View Service Alerts and Detours

From time to time, you may see an inverted triangle beside the Route information. This icon indicates a service alert or detour. Click this triangle to get more information on the nature of the Service Alert for the selected route.


View Street and Avenue Info (Timing Points)

To view information on the street and avenue abbreviations, place your mouse over the links.


View Bus Stop Maps

Click the street or avenue links to view a bus stop map.


View Bus Stop Images

Click the bus stop # links to view images of the bus stop or a bus stop map.

You can select from the bus stop images via the thumbnails below the main picture.


View Direction Information

You can also see the direction that the buses in your route schedule are departing in by placing your mouse over the direction links.


Highlight Scheduling Information

You can highlight the scheduling information by placing your mouse over the scheduling data. This will create a blue background to help you see how the street and avenue locations, bus stop numbers and times are connected. (TIP: PM times appear in bold while AM times appear in regular type.)


View Bus Features

You can find information on the bus features by looking at the text beside the bus icon. (e.g. “L” – Low Floor Bus, B – Low Floor Bus Equipped with Bike Rack; C - Community Bus). To learn what the text symbols mean, place your mouse over the bus icon or the link.


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