In summer 2019, ETS deployed additional Inspectors, Road Superintendents and Control Centre support staff. To date, 20 additional full-time staff have been hired (and 4 more staff will be deployed in early 2020, for a total of 24 new hires).

Titles and Roles

Security Room Monitors (4)

Security Room Monitors work in the Control Centre and provide behind-the-scenes safety and security support.

LRT Inspectors (4)

LRT Inspectors provide front-line management for the LRT system and ensure the delivery of high-quality service that is safe, reliable and on-time. 

Transit Inspectors (10 - includes 6 Control Centre Inspectors and 4 Foot Patrol Inspectors)

  • Control Centre Inspectors supervise transit services by monitoring and directing transit network activities, and deploy Road Inspectors to service-related issues, emergency situations and incident investigations.
  • Foot Patrol Inspectors regularly interact with citizens, operators, Control Centre staff and security personnel. Their primary focus is customer service while supporting service delivery. They ride the bus/train throughout their entire shift and respond to major incidents to ensure the safe delivery of transit services. 

Road Superintendents (2)

  • Road Superintendents manage a diverse group of inspectors in a mobile workforce environment. They regularly interact with inspectors, operators, Control Centre staff, security personnel and the general public.