Did you know?

  1. LRT trains can not depart from a station if any of the doors are open.
  2. As the doors are about to close an audible series of gongs can be heard, warning that the doors are about to close and the train is about to depart.
  3. All of the doors on the LRT have sensors that detect when someone or something is blocking the door. These sensors hold the door open when there is a blockage. If the door is jammed while closing, the doors will reopen and then try to close again automatically.
  4. The 'old' model cars (U2) have two bi-fold doors that fold in when opened and the 'new' model cars (SD160) have two sliding doors.
  5. The LRT motorman, or driver, controls when the doors can be opened by the passenger pushbutton, but the closing of the doors is controlled automatically. Once the door sensors are clear the doors will close four (4) seconds later.
  6. All LRT cars have an accessible door. This door is located in one of the center positions on the LRT car and has a blue stripe along the top and a wheelchair symbol on the door.
  7. Each accessible door has a ramp that lowers automatically when the accessible button is pressed to minimize the gap between the platform and the LRT car. This ramp has sensors to ensure that it stops at the proper level.
  8. LRT doors have the added safety feature of a red "emergency handle" or “RED” Push Button (above each door). Should something get stuck in the doors the "emergency handle or Button" can be used to contact the LRT motorman, or driver of the affected train.
  9. All LRT cars have a yellow emergency strip above the windows. When pressed, it puts passengers in the car in direct contact with the LRT motorman (driver). There is also a red emergency button near the accessible doors for those who cannot reach the yellow strip.
  10. Please do not hold the LRT train doors open except in case of emergency. Holding a door open on the LRT train may make a train run behind schedule resulting in missed connections and transfers. The next train can be delayed as well. Please be considerate of your fellow passengers and don't block the doors.