ETS Distributor Online Store

ETS Distributor Online Store

Current Edmonton Transit Distributors

Your ETS Retail Outlet Contract is comprised of the following documents:

  • The Agreement Form, provided to businesses approved to sell ETS passes and tickets
  • The current Outlet Terms and Conditions
  • The current Fare Product Price List

Important: The Outlet Terms and Conditions and the Fare Product Price List may be amended by the City at any time without notice to the Distributor. All such amendments will be posted on the City of Edmonton website at and the Distributor shall be responsible for monitoring the website on a regular basis. Unless stated otherwise in the posted document(s), any amendments to the Outlet Terms and Conditions or the Fare Product Price List shall take effect immediately upon their posting to the City of Edmonton website and the Distributor shall comply with such amendments.

Becoming an Edmonton Transit Distributor

Effective September 1, 2021, the ETS Distributor Network will no longer be offering the Fare Distribution Program to small, single site businesses.  It is anticipated that over the next six months our program will be transitioning to the ARC SmartFare Program which will be administered by a non-city agency.  ETS does not have any further details to share regarding the role out of the ARC SmartFare Program at this time but is committed to a smooth transition once the time comes.

We thank you for your interest in our program and hope that you will watch for future opportunities when they become available under the ARC SmartFare Program.