Edmonton Transit (ETS) incorporates a comprehensive hiring process involving several assessment stages, which include: STRADA, Map Reading, Driving Assessment, Interview, Police & Reference Checks (including Vulnerable Sector Search), Medical Testing and a FARE assessment (functional abilities recruitment evaluation).  Some steps may incur a cost to you, such as the required Police Check.  Others costs to the applicant may include a knowledge test for license upgrading and air brake certification, if applicable.

Please Note: Edmonton Transit's primary method of communications will be through e-mail.

The hiring process is as follows:

Applying on a Posting

View postings online at this website or at the Employment Centre at City Hall. Those interested in a driving career with ETS must submit an application on a current or ‘open’ Posting. Look at the ‘Opening’ and ‘Closing’ dates carefully. Postings for operator positions appear for a limited time, so check often.

Please Note:

  • Only those candidates considered for the position will be contacted via email. 
  • Edmonton Transit's primary method of communications will be through e-mail

How to create an Online Profile

Application Screening

Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications will be moved forward to pre-employment assessments and testing. Applicants selected for pre-employment assessments and testing will be contacted either through their online profile by email or by phone. Check emails, phone messages and online profile often. Edmonton Transit's primary method of communications will be through e-mail.

Job Shadowing Exercise

Applicants in the hiring process must spend time observing Transit Operators as they perform the day-to-day functions of their job while working with the public. The purpose of this exercise is to be exposed to the actual work environment of a Transit Operator, whether Conventional, Community Service, or DATS. By observing Operators who are “on the job” you will be able to make a more informed decision as to whether or not you want to pursue a career as a Transit Operator.

The Job Shadowing Exercise is specific for each driving group, and is as follows: 

Conventional Transit Operator

Community Service Operator

DATS Operator (Job Shadowing is assigned during the hiring process)

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment assessments and testing steps are completed both online and on site. Instructions will be given concerning when and where testing takes place, and what to bring. Assessments and testing may include all or some of the following:

  • Bus Operator Assessment - completed online
  • Skills Assessment, which may include one or both of the following:
    • Map Reading test
    • Driving Assessment
The Interview

Applicants who are successful in all pre-employment assessments and testing may be invited for interview. The Job Shadowing Exercise must be completed prior to the interview and presented at the Interview for Conventional Transit Operator and Community Service Operator.  For DATS applicants, a Job Shadowing Exercise must be completed following a successful Interview.

Interviews are conducted by a panel of two that consists of a representative from Edmonton Transit and a representative from City of Edmonton Human Resources. Some of the categories that applicants are assessed in during the interview are:

  • Customer service
  • Safety and emergency response
  • Vehicle monitoring and driving
  • Professionalism and ethical conduct

Preparing for the Interview

Security and References

Reference Checks

  • Applicants invited to the Interview must have the contact information of three references available upon request. References must be persons who have supervised the performance and attendance of the applicant

Police Information Check

  • Candidates must provide a Police information check including a Vulnerable Sector Search when requested.  Hire is dependent upon a Police Information Check and Vulnerable Sector Search that is satisfactory to the City of Edmonton

Instructions concerning reference checks and Police Information checks will be provided in detail via email when at this step.

Medical and Functional Abilities

Applicants must successfully complete:

  1. Functional Abilities Recruitment Evaluation test (FARE), which is designed to simulate Transit Operator tasks. Testing consists of a degree or degrees of:
    • Lifting, pushing, and pulling weights
    • Squatting, reaching, bending, twisting, gripping, neck extension, and climbing stairs
    • Walking on treadmill for 5 minutes at 3.2 mph (heart rate is monitored)
    • Steering (3 minutes of full rotations including evasive actions)
    • Other
  2. A medical examination

A decision to offer employment is based upon a complete picture of the application. Applicants are selected on the basis of greatest demonstrated ability. Note: A condition of employment includes obtaining a successful knowledge test for a license upgrade as well as obtaining air brake certification at candidate’s cost prior to employment.

Successful completion of the hiring process does not guarantee employment.

Applicants that have been unsuccessful in the testing or interview process within the past 12 months (one year) will not be re-considered for a current posting. Please be aware that ETS is giving the first opportunity to applicants who are new at the process and have not participated in testing within the last 12 months. Applying is not automatic; applicants must re-apply on a future posting after waiting 12 months.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for a position, please apply online.