Did you know that seniors make up about 12% of the riders on ETS? And with our aging population, this number is going to increase.

ETS is in the business of customer service and seniors are an important part of our business. Our goal is to offer quality service to all of our customers. And our ability to be "Age Friendly" is an important component of quality service.

Seniors can take advantage of special fares, including senior/youth ticket strips, senior’s monthly passes, and senior’s regular and low income annual passes, all of which are offered at a rate discounted from regular adult fares.

Many standard features throughout the ETS network are age-friendly, including accessible buses and LRT vehicles, automatic doors in transit facilities, accessible bus shelters that can accommodate walkers and scooters, curb cuts and pararamps on transit property, elevators and escalators at our LRT stations, bench seats with arm rests at transit centres, and audio and visual announcements at LRT Stations, on the LRT, and on our buses.

Edmonton Transit is also a member of the Age-Friendly Edmonton partnership. We continue to develop or participate in initiatives that support age-friendly objectives and goals, and help us link with our community partners. Learn more at Age-Friendly Edmonton.

Community Bus Service Designed for Seniors

Seniors using ETS have several opportunities to travel around the city on routes we've designed with them in mind.

A number of community bus routes have been designed to travel through neighbourhoods and to destinations that are more popular with seniors, including senior's activity centres, retail complexes, and medical/dental buildings. They're able to get closer to destinations for both pick up and drop off which is a real benefit for customers who have reduced mobility.

We've found that seniors really like the service they receive through the community bus network and use it a lot. So, we've reworked some of the routes to enhance their use of community bus.

The community bus routes have been designed to provide more service to senior's residences, retail areas, medical areas and other destinations frequented by seniors.

Edmonton Transit also provides the annual Seniors on the Go program each year, from May through August, designed to introduce seniors residential, recreational and social groups and organizations to the age friendly features and services offered by ETS.  

For more information, check out Seniors on the Go Training Program or call ETS Customer Training at 780-496-3000.