When you’re ready to advance your career to a senior level at Edmonton Transit, you may want to consider becoming a Divisional Supervisor. With your thorough knowledge of Transit operations and proven leadership skills, you could be a perfect fit for this team-building role.

Job Overview

Each ETS garage (division) has an assigned Divisional Supervisor. The Divisional Supervisor is responsible for the operation of his/her assigned garage and directly supervises Bus Operations Supervisors and up to 100 Bus Operators. The positions report to the Director of Bus Operations.

Divisional Supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day operation of a facility/garage and provision of bus service from an assigned division. That means he or she is responsible for about 2 million hours of Transit service and up to 600 employees.

Divisional Supervisors develop operational plans to meet daily service requirements. They ensure divisional staff assignments are efficient and meet service requirements, and monitor budget performance.

They are responsible for the safety of the employees in the division and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and City directives.

Divisional Supervisors manage division supervisory practices and ensure all staff in the division receive timely performance feedback and recognition, including an annual performance review. They are also responsible for implementing City of Edmonton directives and ETS standards and operating procedures. 

They provide leadership and guidance to an assigned team of Bus Operations Supervisors, each of whom is responsible for the performance of an Operator team.

Divisional Supervisors lead branch initiatives such as recognition programming, professional development opportunities, occupational health and safety initiatives, etc.

Working Environment

The Divisional Supervisor works in an office at the assigned garage. Meetings with Bus Operations Supervisors, Transit Operators, colleagues, the Director of Bus Operations, shared service partners (Fleet Maintenance, Finance, IT, HR, etc.), committees, and external contacts consume much of the day. 

At this level, the Divisional Supervisor is also expected to handle many interpersonal contact situations and accomplish other tasks. Balancing daily demands with other workload can create stress. The Divisional Supervisor is always on call.

Hours of Work

The Divisional Supervisor works standard business hours, Monday – Friday. However, Divisional Supervisors routinely work additional hours as is the normal expectation of someone at this level of responsibility and accountability.

What Divisional Supervisors Like About This Job

  • Having input into long-range plans, policies, budgets and programs, and influencing decisions that impact Transit operations.
  • The opportunity to research other ways of doing things and making improvements. 
  • Leading, mentoring and coaching staff, connecting with employees, and being a champion of employee recognition.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of This Job

The workload is heavy and there are many competing demands for the Divisional Supervisor’s attention. The Divisional Supervisor must have significant operational knowledge, understand and clarify roles, and be empathetic to staff issues.

Success Factors

  • You are decisive.
  • You have an operational knowledge of Transit.
  • You are good at connecting with Transit Operators.
  • You recognize the support role of the Union to Transit employees.
  • You have excellent conflict-management skills.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You are good at building relationships.
  • You are both a team builder and a team player.
  • You are good at influencing decisions.
  • You are good at coordinating tasks and functions and setting priorities.
  • You are good at setting and communicating performance standards.
  • You are good at monitoring performance against goals, standards, and assignments.
  • You have the ability to coach, mentor, and help staff with personal development.
  • You are good at recognizing employees for their efforts.
  • You cooperate with others to meet goals and objectives.
  • You have excellent problem-solving skills.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration is desirable. The Divisional Supervisor must have certification and training in leadership or management and a minimum of six years of progressively responsible leadership/management experience involving Transit operations. 
  • Knowledge of the transit industry. This means knowing about trends and better ways of running services. 
  • Knowledge of operational planning and City of Edmonton budgeting practices is required.
  • Ability to apply leadership skills to workforce, business and strategic planning. 
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Ability to work with large and diverse work groups and effectively develop individuals and teams. 
  • The Divisional Supervisor works within a Union environment and must be knowledgeable of all collective agreements in effect between the City of Edmonton and unionized staff and understand the working relationship agreement.

Union Affiliation

The Divisional Supervisor is a management position. Classification, compensation, and working conditions are governed by the Total Rewards Program for management.

Preparing for This Job

Gaining experience as a Bus Operations Supervisor is one of the best ways to prepare for the role of Divisional Supervisor. Incumbents must like new challenges and be able to cope with significant administrative work. Divisional Supervisors are responsible for overseeing unit budget and maintaining service. They must understand all of the various aspects that comprise Transit service and be able to coordinate all of these for their respective divisions.