No Escort

No Escort Conditional Eligibility is intended for people who are unable to use conventional ETS alone due to a disability, but are able to use ETS when travelling with an escort. This policy helps ensure DATS is reserved for those who need it.

What Does It Mean?

Registrants with No Escort Conditional Eligibility have unlimited use of DATS when traveling alone. The registrants are not able to travel on DATS with an escort. Instead registrants are encouraged to use conventional ETS when traveling with an escort, or meet them at their destination. When escorting a DATS registrant on ETS, escorts ride free. DATS registrants simply show their registration card to the bus driver when they pay their fare, and their escort can then ride free of charge. This escort can be a medically trained assistant, friend or family member who will assist in using public transit. Please note: ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre trips are exempt from the No Escort Condition.

ETS Travel Training

ETS provides a free training program for seniors or persons with disabilities, which can be customized to meet group or individual needs. This program provides instruction on how to safely and confidently use the ETS bus and LRT system. Training can also be arranged for agency representatives or others who work with persons with mobility challenges. Call the Travel Training line at 780-496-3000 to find out whether this program would be helpful to you, or visit ETS Accessibility Training Programs.