Etiquette for DATS Clients and Passengers

Proper etiquette on DATS vehicles is in-line with City of Edmonton bylaws as well as rules and regulations posted on transit vehicles, in transit facilities, or on transit tickets or passes.


DATS strives to communicate in a polite, courteous, and respectful manner to build positive and trusting relationships with clients.


DATS strives to deliver consistent and exceptional quality services to clients, while performing our duties with honesty and integrity.

We ask that clients please be respectful of the DATS service and other passengers, and to:

  • Book trips 3 days in advance, or with as much advanced notice as possible
  • Be ready and waiting at the start of the pick-up window
  • Pay the set trip fare (single ticket, pass, or exact sum of money accepted)
  • Cancel unneeded trips as soon as possible


DATS strives to promote a safe and reliable travel experience to meet a client's needs.

We ask DATS clients to be respectful and safe when on the vehicle. 

  • Consumption of food and drink is allowed on DATS vehicles, ETS buses and LRT provided that food and beverages are in containers designed for travel and under the control of the customer
  • Please remain in the seat/designated space and do not attempt to enter or leave the vehicle when it is in motion, or when it is declared unsafe by the operator
  • Smoking in or near an ETS vehicle is prohibited
  • Please respect ETS property and not cause damage or jeopardize the safety of others
  • Only bring certified assistance/service animals on board the vehicle

ETS would like to thank our customers for their continued positive and respective behaviours while riding ETS. Your good etiquette on ETS helps make the experience a pleasant one for everyone.