Service Dogs

DATS operators are required by law to transport service dogs accompanying people who are blind, deaf or otherwise disabled. Clients are required to provide their animal's Alberta Service Dog Identification Card, which verifies that the animal has been trained by a recognized school, upon registration for DATS and bring this card whenever they travel on ETS.

Service dogs are trained to be non-threatening and unobtrusive. They do not require a seat as they are trained to sit under the owner's chair or at the owner's feet.

Other Assistance Animals and Pets

Occasionally an operator will encounter a passenger who wishes to bring an animal other than a service dog (i.e. an unusual assistance animal or a pet) on a DATS trip.

DATS will consider other types of assistance animals on a case-by-case basis.

Pets are not allowed on DATS. Passengers who wish to take their pets with them must arrange for other transportation.

What about allergies?

As a public transit provider, DATS cannot ensure that passengers with allergies will never be scheduled on vehicles carrying assistance dogs. If you have an allergy and find yourself frequently scheduled on a route with assistance dogs (i.e. every day), please contact us and we will attempt to reschedule your trip to another vehicle wherever possible. We suggest you bring allergy medication with you to deal with unexpected allergic reactions.