ETS Cold Weather service comes into effect when commuters are faced with extreme winter weather. We define extreme weather conditions as -20 Celsius including windchill.

Learn more about the City's Extreme Weather Response.

Cold Weather Express Bus Service

ETS Express buses, except for routes 73, 130X, 560, 580, 700X, 747 and 900X are instructed to stop for customers at all bus stops on their routes in extreme weather conditions (colder than minus 20 degrees Celsius, including windchill).

The decision to stop at all bus stops is made by the ETS Control Centre on an ‘as required’ basis.

Please dress for the weather, as buses are part of the traffic flow and are affected by road and weather conditions too.

When temperatures reach -20 celsius, ETS buses no longer kneel to prevent buses from freezing in the kneeling position, thus putting the bus out of service and requiring a replacement bus.