Continuum is the public art selected for Century Park LRT Station through a juried process. Created by industrial design team of Cezary and Danielle Gajewski , it consists of three spheres suspended in alcoves at the entrances of the Century Park LRT station, contrasting the modernist lines of glass and aluminum of the structure with Continuum’s roundness and playful evocation of nature.

Continuum consists of three wire spheres, covered with hundreds of maple leaf forms of water-jet cut aluminum. The leaves are spaced so that light can be seen through the sphere. It is an airy bubble of near-nature, visible from most angles by the many commuters who move throughout the building.

Surrounded on all sides by glass walls, these pieces work with the transparency of the glass and apparent lightness of the coloured spheres to bring a sense of seasonality and heighten our connection to nature. At night, they will be illuminated from below, to give a sense that they are floating.