Whether you’re already an ETS employee or just considering joining our team, the information in the job profiles listed here will show you how diverse your career with Edmonton Transit can be. “The Every Day Way to Drive Your Career” is more than just words – it’s a real opportunity to advance your career.
Of course, driving provides its own rewards and many Operators wouldn’t trade their job for anything in the world; the great reputation for service that ETS enjoys is built on it. But if you are interested in trading in the steering wheel, take a look at the opportunities available to you. Use the job profiles to help you map your career path and determine what kind of personal development and job experience you need to achieve your goal.

Many of the job profiles listed here fall under the ATU 569 Collective Agreement so be sure to check there for further details.

Entry Level Positions

Your journey begins as an ETS Operator. When openings for Operators are available they are posted on this website.

If driving the trains interests you, as an ETS Operator, you’re in the right place. LRT Operator positions are filled from within the ETS Operator pool.

Supervisory and Technical Positions

The next step in your career will take you to one of these supervisory or advanced technical positions

Advanced Supervisory and Technical Positions

Looking to expand your technical career and your supervisory skills? Take a look at these challenging roles.