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The Bus Stop Schedule presents you with options and schedules for ETS Bus Stops near the location you provide. You can view the scheduled service for the following hour for each Bus Stop. Click the links below to jump to the proper Help section.

Bus Stop Schedule Help Sections

Bus Stop Schedule

To see bus stops nearby and view their schedules, you will need to provide:

  • Your travel date (today’s date is entered automatically)
  • Your travel time (current time is entered automatically)
  • A bus stop # or a location (i.e. landmark, address, intersection)

Choose Travel Date

Today’s date is automatically entered in the Date field. If you are viewing bus stop schedules for a date other than today, enter your date of travel using either the entry field or the calendar provided. (TIP: Date format is MM/DD/YY)

NOTE: Bus Stop Schedules can only be calculated for the current service period. ETS has five service changes a year- in February, April, June, September and December. A minimum of two weeks advance service is available. If service is not available for the date you require, please check back closer to your travel date.


Choose Travel Time

The current time is automatically entered in the Bus Stop Schedule. If you are travelling at a time other than the current time, select a new time from the drop down menus, and then select AM or PM.
(TIP: Use the +/- buttons to increase or decrease the time by 15 minutes)


Choose Bus Stop # or Location

If you know the bus stop # of the schedule you’d like to see, you can enter it now. Or, if you know the general location, (eg. City Hall) you can enter a landmark, address, or intersection to see a list of the bus stops nearby and view their schedules.
(TIP: Start typing and choose your option from the drop down menu)

Once you’ve entered your date, time and bus stop number or location information, please click the “Get Bus Stop(s)” button to view the available stops and their schedules.


View Bus Stop(s)

The Bus Stop Schedule results table presents you with the bus stops near the location you entered. You can view:

  • Bus Stop numbers and their addresses
  • Direction of travel
  • Distance from the location you entered

Bus Stop options are sorted by the shortest distance from your location by default.
To view a schedule for a particular bus stop, click the arrow beside the option number or the “View Details” link.


View Bus Stop Schedule Details

The Bus Stop Schedule shows the bus route(s) scheduled to depart from the selected bus stop within one hour of the requested time. (eg. 3:50PM - Route 86 [Downtown])

Scheduled routes for one hour from the requested time are displayed.

Tells you at which time the route departs.

Route # and Destination
Tells you what will appear on the destination sign (at the front of the bus or LRT train) of that route. This will assist with getting on the correct bus, as some routes have different destinations for the same route number. You can click on the Route to get the entire route schedule for that date.

Service Alert
Service Alert icons indicate that your route may be affected by a service change or detour. Click on Service Alert for more detailed information.

(TIP: If you are entering a Trip time that is after midnight, please note that departure times will noted with the next day’s date.)
(TIP: Try to be at the bus stop five minutes before the bus or LRT is scheduled to depart, when possible.)


View Bus Stop Images and Maps

Click the bus stop # links to view images of the bus stop or a bus stop map.

You can select from the bus stop images via the thumbnails below the pictures or click "Bus Stop Map" to view a map.

The feature bus stop is in the middle of the map in red. The direction of the bus stop is indicated with a red arrow. Other bus stops within 400 metres of the feature stop are shown in blue.


View Route Schedule

To view a schedule for the route, click the Route number link. The Route schedule will open to display the timing markers, streets, avenues and bus stops that the route travels through.


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