Remember, trains weigh over 100 tonnes and need time to stop.

Whether you’re walking, driving or biking there are rules you need to follow in order to stay safe around LRT tracks and stations.

To help ensure your safety, you may be fined for not following these rules.

Safety when walking across LRT Tracks

Edmonton Transit uses gates, flashing lights, and signage to communicate to people walking when it’s not safe to cross the tracks.

Actions to stay safe when you’re walking around LRT tracks.

  • Be alert and only cross at designated safe crossings! LRT trains can come from either direction on any track, at any time. ($250 fine)
  • Wait behind the gates; this means, never cross when the arms are down and lights are flashing. ($250 fine)
  • Always stop, look both ways, and listen before crossing the tracks.
  • Cross quickly and never stop on the LRT track.
  • Use pedways or underpasses to avoid crossing tracks when possible. Underpasses and pedways are monitored by security cameras.
Safety on LRT Platforms
  • Stand behind the yellow line on the platform to avoid an accidental fall
  • Pay attention to announcements
  • Do not fool around on the platform or near the LRT tracks
  • Be aware of the location of emergency phones and station/platform exits
  • Note: All stations are monitored by security cameras
Safety when driving around LRT Tracks

Traffic controls are in place along the LRT corridor to support LRT operations around LRT Stations.

As a driver, you must obey traffic control signs and signals for your safety and the safety of people walking and biking.

  • Be aware of traffic control signals at these intersections along the LRT corridor
  • Look both ways before moving into the track area
  • Do not stop your vehicle on an LRT track
  • Use extra caution when making turns at intersections where LRT operates
  • Be on the lookout for the LRT at all times – it moves quickly and quietly
Traffic Controls


No right turn when train is approcahing image

No Right Turn When Train is Approaching

  • This active sign lights up when a train is approaching. 
  • When lit, no right turns are allowed.  A crossing gate will also go down. Do not stop on the tracks or block the intersection.
  • Right turns permitted when sign is not lit. 
New Signal Phasing Photo

New Signal Phasing

  • Eastbound and westbound do not run concurrently.
  • All movements from one direction (left, through and right) all move at the same time.

No Right Turn on Red

  • No right turns allowed on red light.
  • A green arrow or solid ball indicates when right turns are permitted.
  • Do not stop on the tracks and keep moving through the track area.
Pedestrian Crossing Restriction Image

Pedestrian Crossing Restriction

Pedestrians to cross only in designated crosswalks.

Pedestrain and vehicle crossing arm photo

Pedestrian and Vehicle Crossing Arm

When the crossing arms are down and warning bells are activated, pedestrians and motorists must immediately move out of the track area.

Intersection with LRT Traffic Controls

Churchill to NAIT

LRT trains operate along 105 Street up to Kingsway Avenue and continues until Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 106 Street with stations at Kingsway/RAH and NAIT.


  • 105 Street and 105 Avenue
  • 105 Street and 106 Avenue
  • 105 Street and 107 Avenue
  • Kingsway and 104 Street
  • 111 Avenue and 106 Street
  • Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 106 Street
Southgate to Century Park

LRT trains operate along the road median on 111 Street from 61 Avenue to 23 Avenue, with stations at Southgate and Century Park.


  • 111 Street and 29a Avenue
  • 111 Street and 34 Avenue
  • 111 Street and 37 Avenue
  • 111 Street and 43 Avenue
  • 111 Street and Whitemud Drive
  • 111 Street and 49 Avenue
  • 111 Street and 51 Avenue
  • 111 Street and 54 Avenue
  • 111 Street and 57 Avenue
Health Science, McKernan/Belgravia, South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park

LRT trains operate on the west side of 114 Street.


  • 83 Avenue and 114 Street
  • University Avenue and 114 Street
  • 76 Avenue and 114 Street