Quarters Hotel and Residence Proposal TImeline


The applicant sent out a pre-application notification on December 22, 2014.

Notification of Proposal

Notification of this proposal and the public meeting was sent out by the City on September 27, 2016.

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held at the St. Barbara Russian Orthodox Church on October 17, 2016.

Comments from the meeting are summarized in the What We Heard Report.

Other Meetings hosted by Applicant

The applicant held independent meetings with many of the nearby community groups.

These meetings were held in fall 2016, and the list of groups included:

  • the Boyle Street Community League
  • the Riverdale Community League
  • the Chinese Benevolent Association
  • the Downtown Business Association
  • Saint Barbara’s Church

Other Information

The City has also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document which discusses various aspects of the development proposal.

Public Hearing

The proposal is currently scheduled for Public Hearing on April 24, 2017.

Previously, this proposal was scheduled for Public Hearing on February 6, 2017 and February 22, 2017, but was postponed both times.

Technical Reports Reviewed

A project of this scale requires a considerable amount of technical review and associated engineering studies. Preliminary studies have been provided by the applicant to support this rezoning.

Report Name Purpose of Report Consultant
Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) and Parking Impact Assessment (PIA) Identify expected traffic activity and traffic control required on the roads and parking impacts in the plan area. Bunt & Associates
Geotechnical Report Determine the subsurface soil profile and suitability for underground infrastructure and housing foundations in the plan area. Thurber Engineering Ltd.
Sun Shadow Impact Study Evaluates the shadow on the surrounding area in 3D space in the plan area. Kennedy
View Corridor Study Illustrates the visual impact that development will have in the plan area. Kennedy
Vegetation and Habitat Assessment Analyze the value of vegetation and habitat types in the plan area. Nichols Environmentals
Quarters Hotel and Residence Off-site Municipal Utility Assessment Outline the existing water, storm, sanitary and shallow utility infrastructure and review the amount of proposed wastewater and stormwater from the proposed development. Associated Engineering


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