This application has many components and includes three Plan Amendments, a Road Closure, three text amendments to the Zoning Bylaw, and a rezoning.

Road Closure

The application proposes to permanently close a part of 101 Avenue NW, the lane between 101 Avenue NW and Jasper Avenue NW and a portion of Grierson Hill Road (retaining wall only).

Closing this road and transferring ownership will allow for full planning and development of the site and on-going maintenance of the Grierson Hill retaining wall. The proposed road closure will not result in any physical changes to the Grierson Hill roadway.

Text Amendments

Three text amendments to the Zoning Bylaw will be required to allow this proposed development and include boundary changes to:

  1. The Quarters Overlay (section 860)
  2. The North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Protection Overlay (section 811)
  3. The Special Area Downtown (section 910)

The proposed boundary adjustments to these overlays will put the subject site in The Quarters Overlay to match the ARP changes.


The proposed rezoning will allow for the development of a high rise mixed-use development, the connected terraced open spaces and underground parking as described in the Key Features of the Proposal section.

Existing Zoning Proposed Zoning
  • (A) Metropolitan Recreation Zone
  • (AP) Public Parks Zone (CCA)
  • Core Commercial Arts Zone
  • (DC1) Direct Development Control Provision
  • (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision
  • (DC1) Direct Development Control Provision


Key Features of the Proposal

Summary of Proposed Development Rights

Land Uses:

  • Apartment Housing
  • Hotels
  • Non-accessory Parking
  • General Retail
  • Restaurant
  • This list of uses is similar to the (CCA) Core Commercial Arts zone. This list is not exhaustive

Maximum Height: 280 metres-approximately 80 storeys

Maximum Floor Area Ratio: 12.0

Residential Density: Up to 700 dwelling units

Maximum Tower Floor Plate: 1,100 sq. m (base) to 650 sq. m (top)

Built Form: Tower with podium, Connected terraced open spaces


  • Minimum vehicle parking is provided at the standard rates established in the Zoning Bylaw. Exact numbers will be determined at the Development Permit stage.
  • Non-accessory parking is limited to a maximum of 500 stalls
  • Bicycle Parking will be provided at a rate of  30% of vehicular parking spaces provided, an increase from the required 20% in the Downtown
  • All vehicular parking is provided underground

Public Contributions:

  • Affordable Housing Contribution
  • Construction of Heritage Trail
  • LEED Silver (certification not required)

Sunset Clause (development must occur by a particular date):
Construction must commence no later than 10 years from the date the Bylaw is approved or the development rights are restricted to publicly accessible private parks.

Read the draft DC2-Site Specific Site Control Zone for more information.

Plan Amendments

The boundaries of three plans will need to be amended to allow this proposed development.  

Quarters Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP): A portion of the subject area is proposed to be added to the ARP, so that the subject site is located entirely within the ARP.

North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (1.88 MB) : A portion of the subject area is proposed to be removed from the ARP. 

Capital City Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (26MB): A portion of the subject area is proposed to be removed from the ARP.

Proposed Quarters Hotel and Residence Location Details