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List of planning contacts by area, including Core and Mature Communities, Established and Developing Communities and Industrial and Commercial Areas.


Director: Kalen Anderson 780-496-6094
Administrative Clerk II: Barbara Gajewski 780-495-9941 

Planners by Area

Core and Mature Communities

General Supervisor: Tim Ford, 780-496-6120 
Senior Planner: Travis Pawlyk, 780-496-5369 
Senior Planner: Sean Bohle, 780-496-6223 
Senior Planner: Andrew McLellan, 780-496-2939 
Principal Planner: Andrew Sherstone, 780-442-0699 
Planner: Ania Schoof, 780-508-9210 
Planner: Mark Harrison, 780-944-0459 
Planner: Sean Lee, 780-496-6121 
Planner: Kristen Rutherford, 780-442-5047 
Bylaw Amendment Officer: Fe Villamayor, 780-423-6888
Planning Technician I: Jenny Su, 780-496-6485
Planner Student: Gerald Todd, 780-496-8080 
Senior Drainage Engineer: Donovan Pederson, 780-508-9226 
Drainage Technologist II: Olga Kosmyna, 780-508-9296 
Drainage Engineer: Shamim Begum, 780-496-4463 
Drainage Technologist II: Tak-Hau Li, 780-496-5554 
Senior Transportation Engineer: Greg Ablett, 780-496-2600 
Transportation Engineer: Xiaobin Wang, 780-442-2385 

Established and Developing Communities

General Supervisor: Faisal Saeed, 780-496-3035 
Senior Planner: Beatrice McMillan, 780-496-6177 
Senior Planner: Michelle Ouellette, 780-423-7454 
Principal Planner: Carla Semeniuk, 780-496-1582 
Principal Parks Planner: Linda Yee, 780-496-7231 
Parks Planner: Michelle Bernuy, 780-442-4398 
Ecological Planner: Michael Silzer, 780-944-5588 
Planner: Kerry Girvan, 780-423-7472 
Planner: Sean Conway, 780-496-5809 
Planner: Michelle Neilson, 780-496-5672 
Planner: Heather Vander Hoek, 780-423-7495 
Planning Student: Nathan Stelfox, 780-496-1674 
Senior Drainage Engineer: Sincy Modayil, 780-496-2653 
Drainage Engineer: Michael Chong, 780-423-5364 
Drainage Technologist II: Shyama Gunasekara, 780-496-7224 
Senior Transportation Engineer: Christine Whalen, 780-496-2894 
Administrative Clerk II: Madonna Oscar, 780-496-1776  

Industrial and Commercial Areas

General Supervisor: Mikaela Hanley, 780-496-5539 
General Supervisor: Frank Zaprawa, 780-496-5783 
Senior Planner: Laurie Moulton, 780-496-5480 
Principal Planner: Vivian Gamache, 780-944-0122 
Principal Planner: Don Read, 780-496-3633 
Planner: Luke Cormier, 780-496-7370 
Planner: Cyndie Prpich, 780-944-0115 
Principal Planner (ESA): Jacqueline Davis, 780-944-0104 
Principal Planner (ESA): Ed Egyedy, 780-496-6039 
Principal Planner (Risk): Kenan Handzic, 780-496-6193 
Oil and Gas Planner: Kuni Niina, 780-496-3460 
Principal Planner (Transit): Geoff Bocian, 780-496-6155 
Principal Planner (Transit): Lori Armstrong-Mathieu, 780-496-8913 
Principal Planner (Transit): Ben Goodenough, 780-496-4061 
Planning Student: Tina Lee, 780-496-1748 
Senior Drainage Engineer: Jatinder Tiwana, 780-496-5696 
Transportation Engineer: Sumon Khan, 780-944-0118 
Drainage Technologist II: Henny Ma, 780-496-2890 
Drainage Technologist II: Muhammad Arshad, 780-496-5647 
Administrative Clerk II: Christine Fitzpatrick, 780-496-5561 

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