Building a City workforce that broadly reflects the diversity of Edmonton’s people and their communities is simply good business.

So is creating a culture within the City that values, respects and includes the experience of all staff regardless of their level in the City, their cultural heritage, their physical appearance or gender.

To that end, the City of Edmonton created the Diversity and Inclusion office to help meet the following goals:

  • Have a workforce broadly reflective of the community
  • Identify and address barriers within organizational systems
  • Attract and retain a talented workforce skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and the community
  • Create processes, policies plans, practices programs and services that meet the diverse needs of those we serve

Consistent with its mandate, Diversity and Inclusion incorporates the Indigenous Relations Office.


The office provides supports and services to managers, supervisors and employees to help meet the diversity and inclusion goals of the City. The primary functions include:

Development, promotion and support of corporate strategies that:

  • increase the diversity of the City's workforce
  • recognize the diversity of the City customers and citizens

Development of corporate training to effect:

  • valuing of diversity and inclusion
  • staff ability to perform duties using required job diversity competencies

Consultation and provision of support on:

  • diversity
  • inclusion
  • equal opportunities
  • human rights issues

Provision of input and advice during the development of corporate initiatives and directives.

Development of working relationships with external organizations.