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Wrap Up Your Holidays by Recycling Right

December 28, 2011

With the holidays wrapped up, Edmonton’s recycling facility is filled to the brim with the wrappings left over from the festivities.

“We receive double our normal amount of recyclables after the holidays, making it the busiest time of year at our recycling facility,” said Connie Boyce, Director of Community Relations with the City of Edmonton’s Waste Management Services. “To process this much material, it’s important residents recycle the right materials.”

Extension cords, Christmas lights, Styrofoam, automotive parts and scrap metal cause problems that can lead to equipment damage and shutdowns at the Materials Recovery Facility.

“Not everything that is recyclable goes in the recycling bin. For example tires are recyclable, but they should be taken to an Eco Station,” said Boyce. “If you’re not sure how to recycle, we have a guide on our website that tells you what goes where.”

Edmontonians are avid recyclers, as Edmonton has one of the highest rates of voluntary recycling participation in North America. “Our residents love to recycle, we just want to remind them to make sure what they put in their blue bag or blue bin belongs there,” said Boyce.

For a complete list of what can go in your blue bag or blue bin, and what should be taken to an Eco Station, residents can visit www.edmonton.ca/waste or call 311.

The City also has a video showing what happens at the Materials Recovery Facility.