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Wanted: Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weeds

June 10, 2011

New campaign targets City’s dastardly offenders

This growing season, Edmontonians are being asked to help hunt down some of our city’s worst offenders on private and public property: noxious weeds.

Unlike dandelions and other nuisance weeds, noxious weeds are armed and dangerous. Canada Thistle, Perennial Sow Thistle, Scentless Chamomile and other noxious weeds grow and spread quickly, invading crops and ecosystems, and make properties unsightly, overgrown and infested.

The City of Edmonton launched the Wanted: Noxious Weeds campaign to alert property owners about their role, and the City’s role, in preventing the spread of noxious weeds and keeping Edmonton looking its best.

“This campaign is part of City Council’s investment to pilot additional noxious weed management activities this year,” said Councillor Bryan Anderson. “This investment will help prevent the spread of these invasive weeds, and keep Edmonton attractive and tidy this growing season.”

When it comes to these wanted weeds, the campaign asserts it’s high time we work together to mow ’em down, pull ’em up and move ’em out! And the City has increased its posse of inspectors to target the offenders.

“We all share responsibility for managing noxious weeds,” said Ryan Pleckaitis, General Enforcement Coordinator with the City’s Community Standards Branch. “The City is doing more to hunt down these weeds, and we ask that Edmontonians continue to do their part by mowing their property to 10 centimetres or less. We’ve all got to pull together to prevent the spread of noxious weeds.”

The City has hired four more inspectors to patrol Edmonton for noxious weeds this year. If a property is overgrown or infested, the owner will get one notice this growing season. After that, the City will regularly inspect the property and can mow it any time it is needed. Mowing costs are added to the property owner’s tax bill, and range from $250 per mow for residential properties to $5,000 per mow for commercial properties. This approach allows the City to deal with problem properties faster.

Find out about the most wanted weeds, and what you can do to help, by calling 311 or visiting www.edmonton.ca/wantedweeds.


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