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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

April 20, 2011

With the federal election campaign in full swing, candidates and their volunteers are reminded to follow City bylaws when placing campaign signs.

The City of Edmonton has specific regulations on the placement of campaign signs, which are intended to keep the streets safe and in orderly appearance during and after the election. For example, signs must be placed more than three metres back from a curb, 15 metres back from a non-signalized intersection and 30 metres away from a signalized intersection in order to preserve sightlines for road users. Campaign signs must also be removed from public property within three days of election day.

Detailed guidelines were sent to all campaign offices in Edmonton, and are available online at www.edmonton.ca/campaignsigns.

Edmontonians can call 311 to report concerns about campaign sign placement. Signs that don't follow municipal rules will be removed by Community Standards Peace Officers. Candidates may receive a warning or be fined up to $250 per sign. So far, the City has issued 15 warnings and no tickets for illegally placed campaign signs.