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Solar Panels

September 01, 2010

With over 2,300 hours of sunshine a year, Edmonton is one of Canada's sunniest cities. Now, the City of Edmonton will help residents harness the power of the sun.

In response to greater demand for ways to reduce CO2 emissions and growing interest in renewable electricity generation, the City is introducing a solar-electric pilot program.

This one-month program will allocate the total budget of $200,000 in the form of rebates for home and business owners interested in installing solar panels to generate electricity.

“The City is committed to encouraging the use of local renewable energy sources that will reduce local greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Stephen Mandel. “This project could result in more solar electric generating facilities throughout the city, and is one more step towards a cleaner, greener Edmonton.”

The program will pay as much as $9,000 of the cost of installing solar-electric systems in homes and a maximum of $18,000 for systems installed in businesses.  Rebates will vary depending on the capacity of the system installed.

Applications are evaluated on a first-come-first served basis upon receipt of appropriate documentation and will be paid out after installation and certification. All solar-electric systems funded under this program will be subject to a follow-up review by the City and recipients will be surveyed to establish their satisfaction with the installed system.

Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source. Today's technology allows this power to be harnessed in several ways to make effective use of the heat and light of the sun. The City of Edmonton program will help fund solar distributed generation installations with equipment located on rooftops or on arrays close to where the energy is used.

Program Overview

Total budget: $200,000.

Residential Solar Electric Program - The program covers systems with a rated capacity of a minimum of one kilowatt with the rebate based on $3.00 per watt of installed capacity.

The maximum allowable rebate per residential system will be $9,000. For example, a residential system with panels having a rated capacity of one kilowatt would be eligible for a rebate of $3,000 and a larger system of 3 kilowatts would be eligible for a rebate of $9,000.

Commercial Solar Electric Program – The program covers systems with a rated capacity of a minimum of two kilowatts and a maximum capacity of ten kilowatts with the rebate based on a rate of $3.00 per watt of installed capacity.

The maximum allowable rebate per commercial system will be $18,000. The program is available for existing buildings within the City of Edmonton. The term 'commercial' encompasses: 1) non-residential buildings, and 2) residential buildings with a footprint greater than 600 m2 or greater than three storeys.

The program is for existing buildings only and funds systems that will be installed between September 1 and December 31, 2010. Interested applicants are asked to visit the Solar Electric Pilot Program website for more information and to read the terms and conditions of the program.

For more details about the Solar Electric program, call 311.

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